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Dominion: Library

Library is the most unusual of the +Cards Actions.  Because you don’t draw a set number of cards, but rather up to 7, it responds poorly to Throne Room but does quite well with small hands (normally a drawback).  Preferably, … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #10: Vault/Library

As noted earlier, effective use of the Library requires reduced hand size.  One way to do this is to rely on your opponents; another is to play +Actions cards that don’t replenish your hand. The third way is using the … Continue reading

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Counter of the Day #1: Library v. Militia

This is a classic base-game “soft counter” that just about everyone discovers at some point or another.  It’s beautifully simple and powerfully effective — Militia cuts your hand size, but Library draws it right back.  (Added bonus: Libraries can discard … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #3: University/Library

Generally, Library is nothing more than a slightly glorified Smithy that can conveniently toss aside unwanted Actions.  But its true power, the one that justifies its placement in the elite $5 tier of Actions, is its ability to draw additional … Continue reading

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