Cornucopia Card List

Individual analyses of Cornucopia cards are linked below and also collected here.

Hamlet Action $2 +1 Card; +1 Action
You may discard a card; if you do, +1 Action.
You may discard a card; if you do, +1 Buy.
Fortune Teller Action – Attack $3 +$2
Each other player reveals cards from the top of his deck until he reveals a Victory or Curse card. He puts it on top and discards the other revealed cards.
Menagerie Action $3 +1 Action
Reveal your hand. If there are no duplicate cards in it, +3 Cards. Otherwise, +1 Card.
Farming Village Action $4 +2 Actions
Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal an Action or Treasure card. Put that card into your hand and discard the other cards.
Horse Traders Action – Reaction $4 +1 Buy; +$3; Discard 2 cards.
When another player plays an Attack card, you may set this aside from your hand. If you do, then at the start of your next turn, +1 Card and return this to your hand.
Remake Action $4 Do this twice: Trash a card from your hand; gain a card costing exactly $1 more than the trashed card.
Tournament Action $4 +1 Action
Each player may reveal a Province from his hand.
If you do, discard it and gain a Prize (from the Prize pile) or a Duchy, putting it on top of your deck.
If no-one else does, +1 Card, +$1.
Young Witch Action – Attack $4 +2 Cards
Discard 2 cards. Each other player may reveal a Bane card from his hand. If he doesn’t, he gains a Curse.Setup: Add an extra Kingdom card pile costing $2 or $3 to the Supply. Cards from that pile are Bane cards.
Harvest Action $5 Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck, then discard them. +$1 per differently named card revealed.
Horn of Plenty Treasure $5 Worth $0.
When you play this, gain a card costing up to $1 per differently named card you have in play, counting this. If it’s a Victory card, trash this.
Hunting Party Action $5 +1 Card; +1 Action.
Reveal your hand. Reveal cards from your deck until you reveal a card that isn’t a duplicate of one in your hand. Put it into your hand and discard the rest.
Jester Action – Attack $5 +$2
Each other player discards the top card of his deck. If it’s a Victory card he gains a Curse. Otherwise either he gains a copy of the discarded card or you do, your choice.
Fairgrounds Victory $6 Worth 2VP for every 5 differently named cards in your deck (round down).

Prizes (these are not in the Supply, and only used with Tournament)

Bag of Gold Action – Prize $0* +1 Action
Gain a Gold, putting it on top of your deck.
Diadem Treasure – Prize $0* Worth $2.
When you play this, +$1 per unused Action you have (Action, not Action card).
Followers Action – Attack – Prize $0* +2 Cards
Gain an Estate. Each other player gains a Curse and discards down to 3 cards in hand.
Princess Action – Prize $0* +1 Buy
While this is in play, cards cost $2 less, but not less than $0.
Trusty Steed Action – Prize $0* Choose two: +2 Cards; or +2 Actions; or +$2; or gain 4 Silvers and put your deck into your discard pile.

12 Responses to Cornucopia Card List

  1. chesskidnate says:

    Horn of plenty has a mistype unless if its a new card type(treasury)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Diadem is a Prize, and should be listed as Treasure – Prize.

  3. Steve says:

    Thoughts on Horn of Plenty?

    I guess it would be good in decks where you’re drawing you’re entire deck. Other than that, relatively useless?

    • lets_dream says:

      It can be ok as long as you are playing already 7 or 8 cards: you have quite often 2/3 different actions, and 2/3 types of treasures (including Horn of Plenty). The horn gives you then enough to get a >$5 card by itself, in addition to the normal buy you get for the rest of your treasures.

  4. Steve says:

    You’re also missing the link to your Hunting Party article! Sorry for double post.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The links all appear to be broken

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is soo cool!!!!!!

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