New to Dominion?

Are you new to Dominion?  Are you excited about the prospect of getting better?

Here’s a couple of resources to get you started:

Dominion (base game) rulebook

Goko PlayDominion: the main place online to play Dominion.

CouncilRoom: where we analyze game stats and logs

The Forum: all skill levels are welcome.  Check out especially the Help! forum, where you can post an Isotropic game log and seek advice on what you did right or wrong, or the Rules forum, where you can get your rules questions answered.

The Wiki

Recommended Kingdoms

Now, a lot of the articles on this site implicitly assume you play with all of the expansions mixed in.  But here are a couple of articles targeted specifically at players new to the game, or those who only own the base set:

Your Guide to Beating Attacks: an excellent all-around strategy article, written by the game’s designer.

Building the First Game Engine: an article about the thinking process behind building an “engine”, using the “First Game” set as an example.

Guide to the Dominion Base Game: an overarching analysis of the basic strategies in the base game.

Building a +Actions/+Cards Engine: an analysis of one of the fundamental strategies in Dominion.

Big Money: what it is, and why it’s not unstoppable.

What expansion(s) should I get?: The perennial question.

Glossary: a repository of many common terms used on the blog and forum. Don’t be scared away by all the definitions: it’s intended as a reference, not as essential knowledge.

And one of the best parts of Dominion is coming up with your own cards:

A Dominion Fan Card Creation Guide: a comprehensive guide to some of the considerations and pitfalls in making Dominion cards.

13 Responses to New to Dominion?

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  2. SkippyPDX says:

    gotta add “Building the ‘First Game’ engine” article to this list of beginner articles. It’s great. one of the most helpful I’ve read.

  3. OgreMkV says:

    Thank you guys! I played my first two Dominion Online games tonight. I lost one and won one (quite handily I might add 48:24) and those were the first two games I’ve ever played of Dominion. I couldn’t have done it without your articles. Especially the analyzing the kingdom article.

    In the game I won, I looked at all the cards and there were no trashing and now +buys. There were both cities and villages though and I went with a big money route, buying gold and emptying the city and village stacks. That allowed me lots of income and I ended up buying three colonies.

    Just wanted you to know, you are making a difference.

  4. ^_^_^_^ says:

    I’m finally getting the actual board game, starting with just the Base set for now.

  5. florrat says:

    I think it’s good to have a link to the game rules in a “new to …” article. (maybe the pdf’s from the RGG website? or the pages that contain them?) Also: council room is hardly for beginners…

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  9. Celesté says:

    I need some advice. I am thinking of buying my husband the Prosperity expansion but I’m open to advice if anyone thinks another expansion would be better. (This will be his first expansion set) I also need to know if I do get an expansion set if it will increase the amount of players from 4 to more?

    • theory says:

      Prosperity is great. It won’t increase the max number of players – I think only Intrigue does that – though you should know that Dominion isn’t really that great with > 4 players.

    • OgreMkV says:

      The Prosperity set is my favorite expansion. You can really get an engine working with those cards.

      I agree with theory. Dominion is best with 2-3 players.

  10. It’s really too bad that I am terrible at this game. I tried it several time but I can’t win a game. My record is 0-9 (Yeah). I am MUCH better at strategy board games than dominion. I’ll give you tips a go, hopefully it’ll give me a win… someday

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