2017 Holiday Kingdom

Here’s a board for the holidays, from Donald X. and LastFootnote.

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Dismantle English Promo Available on BoardGameGeek


The promo is now finally up and available for purchase on BoardGameGeek.com. The cost is $5 + shipping.

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The Secret History of Dominion: Nocturne

The Secret History of Dominion: Nocturne

Original Article by Donald X.

While working on Empires, I tried out Boons. They were in the set for a while, but there was only so much space in the set, and something had to go. Boons were a nice chunk to remove and out they went. In July 2015, I put them in a file for some hypothetical future expansion, referred to as Boonies. A couple other cards went with them.
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How to Win at Dominion with Minimal Jargon

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How to Win at Dominion with Minimal Jargon

Original Article by Titandrake

How do you win a game of Dominion?

You win by ending the game with more points than your opponent.

How do you do that?

You do it by buying cards that let you win the game, and playing those cards more often than your opponent does.

How do I identify which cards let me win the game?

Generally, you want to look for cards that either give you lots of coins, give you lots of VP, or let you quickly end the game while getting a small amount of VP. You want to combine these cards with a story for how it’s going to come together.
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Beat the Bot #5

Good news everyone! I’ve made another bot, all ready for you to demolish. Difficulty level has been set to moderate.

The goal is to beat the bot by playing against it.

Click the simulator to get the new version and the Beat the Bot #5.

Here’s the Kingdom used:
Screenshot-2017-11-21 http users telenet be

Good luck and have fun. Discuss here

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Dominion Nocturne Card List, Rules Up, and Online Now!

Dominion Nocturne is online now for purchase. The rules are up here which includes a complete list of cards. Here are the missing Nocturne cards that were not revealed during preview week.

Action – Fate
Receive a Boon.
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Dominion Tournaments & Meetups Update

The goal of this column is to list all known Dominion tournaments and events happening around the world and online. If you run a league, tournament, Dominion meetup, or do anything else Dominion related, we would love to post that info here. Please contact Beyond Awesome, so the column may be updated in next week’s edition. 

This week, we have added one Dominion tournament. If you want your group or tournament to be featured on our site, please feel free to contact Beyond Awesome, and your info will be posted in next week’s updated edition.

To run an officially sanctioned Rio Grande Games Dominion tournament, please use this contact form. Dominion Strategy is not affiliated with Rio Grande Games.
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Beat the Bot #4

Here’s me again challenging you to beat my latest whacky creation. Actually the bot’s only 3 lines of code and not whacky at all. I’m not going to spoil anything, but there’s a neat little combo hidden in the cards.

The goal is to beat the bot by playing against it.

Click the simulator to get the new version and the Beat the Bot #4.

Here’s the Kingdom used:
Screenshot-2017-11-14 Screenshot

Good luck and have fun. Discuss here!

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Nocturne Release Update, Plus Dominion Online Updates

Dominion: Nocturne is shipping out, and is expected to hit stores by the end of this week. It is estimated that stores should start getting them in on Thursday or the weekend at the latest. Obviously, some stores may not get them in until next week depending on when they get their copies from their distributor.

The newest expansion will go live on Dominion Online on Thursday at 10:00PM UTC or 2PM PDT/5PM EST. In addition, Stef posted an update on the ShuffleiT forum detailing a special update that goes into effect with Nocturne’s release plus also an update on the overall state of Dominion Online. Here is Stef’s exact quote:
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Semi-Final Dominion Online Championship Matches

The Dominion Online Championships are almost at an end. For players are left, and all of them will walk away with prize money from the 1000 Euro pot. Here are the dates and times of the upcoming matches. You can watch the matches streamed live here.

Saturday: Mercury444F vs SamE at 0 UTC
Sunday: jsh vs Dan Brooks at 8 PM UTC
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