Dominion 2nd Edition Card List

Individual analyses of Dominion cards are linked below and also collected here.

Cellar Action $2 +1 Action
Discard any number of cards, then draw that many.
Chapel Action $2 Trash up to 4 cards from your hand.
Moat Action – Reaction $2 +2 Cards
When another player plays an Attack card, you may first reveal this from your hand, to be unaffected by it.
Harbinger Action $3 +1 Card
+1 Action
Look through your discard pile. You may put a card from it onto your deck.
Merchant Action $3 +1 Card
+1 Action
The first time you play a Silver this turn, +$1.
Vassal Action $3 Discard the top card of your deck. If it’s an Action card, you may play it.
Village Action $3 +1 Card
+2 Actions.
Workshop Action $3 Gain a card costing up to $4.
Bureaucrat Action – Attack $4 Gain a silver card; put it on top of your deck. Each other player reveals a Victory card from his hand and puts it on his deck (or reveals a hand with no Victory cards).
Gardens Victory $4 Worth 1 Victory for every 10 cards in your deck (rounded down).
Militia Action – Attack $4 +$2
Each other player discards down to 3 cards in their hand.
Moneylender Action $4 You may trash a Copper from your hand. If you do, +$3.
Poacher Action $4 +1 Card
+1 Action
Discard a card per empty Supply pile.
Remodel Action $4 Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing up to $2 more than the trashed card.
Smithy Action $4 +3 Cards.
Throne Room Action $4 You may play an Action card from your hand twice.
Bandit Action – Attack $5 Gain a Gold. Each other player reveals the top two cards of their deck, trashes a revealed Treasure other than Copper, and discards the rest.
Council Room Action $5 +4 Cards
+1 Buy
Each other player draws a card.
Festival Action $5 +2 Actions
+1 Buy
Laboratory Action $5 +2 Cards
+1 Action.
Library Action $5 Draw until you have 7 cards in hand, skipping any Action cards you choose to; set those aside, discarding them afterwards.
Market Action $5 +1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
Mine Action $5 You may trash a Treasure from your hand. Gain a Treasure to your hand costing up to $3 more than it.
Sentry Action $5 +1 Card
+1 Action
Look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Trash and/or discard any number of them. Put the rest back on top in any order.
Witch Action – Attack $5 +2 Cards
Each other player gains a Curse card.
Artisan Action $6 Gain a card to your hand costing up to $5. Put a card from your hand onto your deck.

Cards Removed From Dominion 1st Edition

Chancellor Action $3 +$2
You may immediately put your deck into your discard pile.
Woodcutter Action $3 +1 Buy; +$2.
Feast Action $4 Trash this card. Gain a card costing up to $5.
Spy Action  -Attack $4 +1 Card; +1 Action
Each player (including you) reveals the top card of his deck and either discards it or puts it back, your choice.
Thief Action – Attack $4 Each other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck. If they revealed any Treasure cards, they trash one of them that you choose. You may gain any or all of these trashed cards. They discard the other revealed cards.
Adventurer Action $6 +1 Card; +1 Action
Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Put the revealed Coppers and Potions into your hand. Put the other cards back on top in any order.

19 Responses to Dominion 2nd Edition Card List

  1. tlloyd says:

    I’d love to see some analysis of the Library. In my experience it’s underrated, but it is also a difficult card to use effectively. A few combinations come to mind: -Library/BlackMarket (by playing all your treasures down during your BM-buy, you can greatly reduce the size of your hand and thus increase the effectiveness of the library)
    -Library/Scrying Pool (first draw all your non-action cards with the library, then scoop up all your action cards with a scrying pool)
    -Library/Cellar as a potential challenge to the BM/Smithy deck in regular dominion.

    I have no skills/tools for statistical analysis or computer simulations, so I’d love to hear from a Dominion Expert how to best use the Library.


    • chesskidnate says:

      library- scrying pool is interesting, main problem being its a 3-card combo, village-library-scrying pool.

      • tlloyd says:

        If there are no +Actions cards in the supply, this strategy won’t work. If there are, getting those three cards together shouldn’t be too hard given multiple Scrying Pools.

        • chesskidnate says:

          although those multiple scrying pools might bring your handsize too high for library, so for conspirator-scrying pool decks it wont work but for ones that go for heavy bridges/goons it would

          • rrenaud says:

            It’s only really a 2.5 card combo.

            You only need a village and a library in your starting hand. Then you can just keep saying no to keeping an action until you find at least a single scrying pool.

            If you have something like haven or courtyard, you could always finish up by leaving one of the combo pieces on the deck as well to make the loop likely hit the next turn as well.

      • frodnar says:

        Library is also a good card if you’re going treasure-based and/or are facing cards such as Torturer or Militia.

    • papaHav says:

      Best use of library is with handsize decreasing cards… plan differently when you have a card which is stronger proportionally to how little cards are in your hand:
      Clearest example of this: pure shanty-town/library is strictly better than village/library!

      Reprice the strength of militia downwards accordingly, and I consider
      Fishing village, Warehouse, Upgrade streamlined/easy-to-use.
      Warehouse/warehouse/library/bank is an enormous speed/cycling enhancement to big money.

      Other ways of maximising library use:
      Discard for benefit e.g. vault, hamlet (!)
      Library also works in tandem with menagerie, as both shine with small handsizes, you often only have 1 unique library (it conflicts horribly with itself!) and library allows you to pass any more duplicate cards after drawing 2 menageries!

      Lastly, trashing cards often kill your handsize and most players resign to buying a pearl diver after a steward/remake trashing turn.
      Try village, remake, library and not skip a decent buy-phase when trashing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw a very good use of library in an action heavy deck the other day. The board offered a lot of +action and decent trashing, but not much +draw. My opponent had very few treasure cards, and was using library to cycle through all of his actions and pick exactly the ones he wanted. He would play two or three cards, then library up to seven, taking only the actions he wanted – and getting a couple of the big monies he had as well. I never really thought about it, but there is no limit to the number of actions you can choose to set aside – it was a bit like a scrying pool all-action strategy, but the library allowed some money in without stopping the train.

      • vidicate says:

        There is actually an article for Library that was posted just a few days after tlloyd’s original comment, so we don’t need to keep posting here. For some reason we don’t have a link to it from this page though. Fix?

  2. Here is an interesting combo regarding the Smithy (or any other card that says draw cards). With your Action spent on drawing cards, you are only hoping for extra money on your Buy, a thing which is risky. But combined with a Festival (or any other card that offers +2 Actions) you are at least certain the drawn cards won’t go to waste.

  3. Anonymous says:

    my strategy is throne room + feast and get two 3 victory point cards. also gold + remodel for a 8 pt victory card

    • WheresMyElephant says:

      Gold+Remodel is definitely a key part of using Remodel in most cases. (If you enjoy that you should consider buying the promo card Governor, which can be used en masse to gain lots of Golds and turn them into Provinces.)

      TR+Feast is fun but using it for Duchies is kind of a letdown. If that’s all you wanted, you probably could have just bought two Feasts instead of a Feast and a TR. This would be more reliable (though still not exactly a since you wouldn’t have to draw them in the same hand to get the desired result.

      It’s probably better to get strong Action cards which will go well with your Throne Room. Of course if you ARE in an endgame where all you can afford is Feasts and all you want is Duchies, and if you DO already happen to own a Throne Room and draw it along with your Feast, then you might as well. But this isn’t too common except maybe in a really ugly 4-player Witch game or something like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I always believed that Throne Room + Feast would only let you play feast once, since once you play it once you trash it, so how can you play it again?

        • theory says:

          It’s covered in the Dominion rulebook. Throne Room basically has you go through the steps of the card twice:

          1a) Trash this card. OK
          1b) Gain a card costing up to $5. OK
          2a) Trash this card. Can’t do this, it’s already trashed, whatever, what’s next?
          2b) Gain a card costing up to $5. OK

          So net is one trashed Feast and two cards costing up to $5.

          Compare to Mining Village: +1 Card, +2 Actions. You may trash this card immediately. If you do, +2 Coins.

          If you Throne that, you get:

          1a) +1 Card/+2 Actions. OK.
          1b) You may trash this card immediately. OK, I trash it.
          1c) If you do, +2 Coins. OK.
          2a) +1 Card/+2 Actions. OK.
          2b) You may trash this card immediately. I try to trash it, but it’s already trashed, so I can’t do it. What’s next?
          2c) If you do, +2 Coins. Wait, I didn’t trash it this time, I couldn’t. So I don’t get +2 Coins a second time, but I still get +1 Card/+2 Actions a second time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Or you could try library, throne room, throne room, smitthy to get 12 cards and still have an action, that dosnt happen much though.

  5. Conan says:

    papaHav said it best. LIbrary is a good counter to hand-decreasing cards. In fact, the hand decreasing helps you, because you can eliminate the useless victory cards and curses from your hand with the other player’s turn and then use LIbrary to get at least five new cards. So if you have a few gold about and you keep getting attacked, you can easily 6-8 coins with Library and buy whatever you need. Of course, combining LIbrary with an +action card is the best, so that you even use other action cards you pull. For example.
    – you have village, library, coin, estate, estate in your hand.
    – get reduced to three cards via Militia. You leave village, library and a coin.
    – you play library and then village, congrats, you get 6 new cards.
    – one of those cards is a Smithy or whatever.
    – use use the Smithy.
    – in the end, instead of reducing your hand, the Militia has made it easy for you to trash two useless estates and pull 6+3 new cards.

  6. Jonathan says:

    The Vassal card needs +$2 added to its effect

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