Germany Wins Dominion World Cup 2022

Team Germany Captures Second Straight World Cup Championship

The 2022 Dominion World Cup concluded this past week with some familiar faces coming out on top. In the Championship Match, Team Germany A defeated Team Japan A 2.5-1.5 over two days of matches. In the first match of the finals, there was no separation between the teams. Board 2 players RTT (Germany) and cha-shu (Japan) battled to a 3-3 tie. drsteelhammer then gave Team Germany some breathing room, earning a 5-1 victory over yurikamome shortly after the conclusion of the first match. With a 1.5-0.5 lead heading into the second day of competition, Neqativ had the opportunity to clinch the championship by earning a full point. Japan’s cider01 would not go down without a fight, taking 2.5 wins over the first four games, including a pileout on exact money in game 4. However, Neqativ was not deterred, scoring victories in the final two games, earning match and World Cup victories for Team Germany A. Despite the overall match being decided, top players Sicomatic and kazumaru0828 treated us all to one more match. kazumaru scored a 4-2 victory, earning Team Japan A a full point and bringing the final match score to 2.5-1.5. The German victory marks a second World Cup championship for Sicomatic, RTT, and drsteelhammer, and the first championships for Neqativ, HolZ, and tufftaeh. —-

Team USA A Takes Third

In the Third Place Match, Team USA A took the Battle of America, scoring a 3-1 win over Team USA B. Similar to the Championship Match, things were all square after the first match, with Lemonspawn and russ2 ending in a 3-3 tie. Up next was a matchup between team captains and top board players: JNails and Minionpawn. JNails put Team USA A in the lead, earning a 4-2 victory. Trailing 1.5-0.5 heading into the third match, Team USA B needed at least a tie from sweetjohn33 in their match with Team USA A’s wharf_rat to extend the match. sweetjohn delivered, coming through with a 3-3 tie and sending the match to a decisive matchup between Fircoal and Sharur. Needing only a tie to seal the match for Team USA A, Fircoal did one better, earning a 4-2 victory to bring the final match total to 3-1. This victory gave Team USA A members Lemonspawn and wharf_rat their second consecutive bronze medal (earned last time as members of Team USA B), in addition to teammates JNails, Fircoal, tracer, and ceviri.

The organizing team would like to congratulate Team Germany A on their victory. Sicomatic, RTT, Neqativ, drsteelhammer, HolZ, and tufftaeh played incredibly well throughout the tournament and are worthy champions. Thank you to all the players who participated and provided hours matches for us to enjoy and for all those who commentated on their own and other’s matches. In total, we had 84 players representing 17 different countries from across the world. We hope to see everybody back in 2024! We would also like to take a moment to recognize some members of the community who helped make the 2022 World Cup a success. First off, our deepest thanks go to our team of moderators: nottoobad, Rozyroz, saltroza, snowbz, alibby1152, and amoffett11. They did an amazing job making sure lineups were received, matches played, and any issues addressed. Everything ran smoothly thanks to them and made everything easy for us. We would also like to recognize our commentators for the Championship Match. Working on short notice and at odd hours, we were able to get 2 of the 4 matches commentated thanks to the efforts of aku chi, hsypsx, JNails, and Sharur. Words cannot express our gratitude enough for how the community is always willing to step up and help out to keep making events like this a success.


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