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Beat the Bot #5

Good news everyone! I’ve made another bot, all ready for you to demolish. Difficulty level has been set to moderate. The goal is to beat the bot by playing against it. Click the simulator to get the new version and … Continue reading

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Dominion Nocturne Card List, Rules Up, and Online Now!

Dominion Nocturne is online now for purchase. The rules are up here which includes a complete list of cards. Here are the missing Nocturne cards that were not revealed during preview week. Bard $4 Action – Fate +$2 Receive a … Continue reading

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Beat the Bot #4

Here’s me again challenging you to beat my latest whacky creation. Actually the bot’s only 3 lines of code and not whacky at all. I’m not going to spoil anything, but there’s a neat little combo hidden in the cards. … Continue reading

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Nocturne Release Update, Plus Dominion Online Updates

Dominion: Nocturne is shipping out, and is expected to hit stores by the end of this week. It is estimated that stores should start getting them in on Thursday or the weekend at the latest. Obviously, some stores may not … Continue reading

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Beat the Bot #3

Last week we all got to play with the awesome new cards from Nocturne. Since you’re probably all suffering from withdrawal now the cards are gone again, I’m here to help you out. This week’s Beat the Bot features a … Continue reading

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Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinals Videos

For those who missed the streams, here are the videos of the quarterfinal matches. Congratulations to all the players who have advanced to the semi-finals. Also, jsh and Skies will play their quarter-final match on Tuesday at 13:00 UTC with Seprix … Continue reading

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Watch the Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Streams Live!

This weekend, the four quarterfinal matches will be streamed with commentary. Here is the info for each match: Saturday at 15:00 UTC with commentary from Philip and E.Honda Mercury444F (4) vs Sicomatic (12) Sunday at 0:00 UTC with commentary from funkdoc and vsiewnar … Continue reading

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The Outpost: A Dominion Podcast: Nocturne Previews

Today, we have a special 2 hour+ episode today where Seprix, Beyond Awesome, and tracer discuss the Nocturne cards that were previewed the previous week. Suffering from Nocturne withdrawal, hopefully, this podcast will be your fix.

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Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Interview: Mercury444F

389 players participated in the Dominion Online Championship, the largest Dominion tournament ever! Now, only 8 remain. Today , we will be posting the last four interviews with the remaining players. To discuss the championship and these interviews, click here. Interview … Continue reading

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Dominion Round Table: Nocturne Preview Cards

Dominion Round Table is an article discussion format where we have several guests discuss one topic. Today’s discussion is on the Nocturne Preview Cards. To read last month’s Round Table on Donate, click here. To discuss this month’s Round Table, … Continue reading

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