Counter of the Day #1: Library v. Militia

This is a classic base-game “soft counter” that just about everyone discovers at some point or another.  It’s beautifully simple and powerfully effective — Militia cuts your hand size, but Library draws it right back.  (Added bonus: Libraries can discard unwanted actions, thus eliminating the danger of playing a terminal +Cards only to draw dead Actions.)

Of course, the counter applies equally to Goons and Torturer, and possibly best against Ghost Ship.  And Watchtower can be substituted for Library — you draw one fewer card, but Watchtower also has other uses, especially if you have your own Goons

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2 Responses to Counter of the Day #1: Library v. Militia

  1. manthos88 says:

    The best counter to all handsize attacks is Tunnel,,,, 😀
    They will only give u more golds… 😛

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