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Combo of the Day #27: Native Village/Bridge

This is a revised version of an article written by WanderingWinder, originally posted on the forum. We all know that KC-KC-Bridge-Bridge-Bridge is a killer, killer combo. But it’s so hard to pull off. There is, however, another extremely reliable way … Continue reading

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Seaside: Native Village

The +Actions isn’t what makes this card so interesting—if all you’re looking for is more Actions, any other Village is superior. (The exception is if you have Libraries or Watchtowers and want to take advantage of its handsize-lowering effect.) Rather, … Continue reading

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The Five Best $2 Cards

Disclaimer: Dominion does a really great job of balancing its Kingdom cards.  Pretty much every card has some situations where it shines, and some situations where it doesn’t.  Nevertheless, some cards just end up being flat-out better than others, either … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #3: University/Library

Generally, Library is nothing more than a slightly glorified Smithy that can conveniently toss aside unwanted Actions.  But its true power, the one that justifies its placement in the elite $5 tier of Actions, is its ability to draw additional … Continue reading

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