Combo of the Day #27: Native Village/Bridge

This is a revised version of an article written by WanderingWinder, originally posted on the forum.

We all know that KC-KC-Bridge-Bridge-Bridge is a killer, killer combo. But it’s so hard to pull off. There is, however, another extremely reliable way to get many Bridges played in the same turn, and that is through the use of Native Village.

This is more of a total-game-strategy rather than just a little combo. You want to start NV-Bridge (you can do this on either 5/2 or 4/3, which is nice), and then simply keep buying those cards, and more or less only those cards, for the rest of the game.

Every time you play Native Village, always choose to set aside the card. What you’re going for eventually is to pick up a massive Native Village mat, play a ton of bridges (fueled by the actions from NV itself), and win.

There are a few ways you can look to win, and you really need to watch your opponent for that. If they’re going for a rather conventional strategy, like Big Money, you want to hold off on “going off” for quite a long time, so that you can get like 6 bridges (or maybe even more) in one turn and just scream through the Provinces and win.

In a mirror matchup, you have to be VERY careful about the game ending on piles and/or be ready to set the combo off prematurely in order to three-pile and win. In general, three piles are something you always have to watch out for, as the Native Villages and Bridges themselves are going to go pretty quickly, and with so many extra buys, you can easily run out even a fairly full pile pretty quickly.

This combo is very powerful and pretty fast, but it has some limitations. First of all, it’s somewhat vulnerable to curse-givers and other deck-bloaters (see Ambassador), but you can counter this pretty hard by increasing your NV’s a little.  Curses don’t really matter if they’re all on your NV mat!

It’s more vulnerable to Swindler when there are bad $2’s and $4’s out there.  NV/Bridge works nicely, but NV/Cutpurse does not.

As for speed, it can be crushingly fast.  It beats Chapel, Ambassador, and most Cursers.   For instance (and this is not uncommon with this combo), your chapelling opponent has 5 Provinces, a Chapel, and money, and you pull the trigger on your combo. If you can get 6 Bridges played in a turn, that’s enough, even without any money, to buy 3 Provinces and 4 Duchies, which is as much VP as the 5 Provinces, and your 3 Estates will win it for you.

Sample game

Sample mirror match game

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17 Responses to Combo of the Day #27: Native Village/Bridge

  1. ^_^_^_^ says:

    This is a great combo but @ Swindler I would edit it to say if there are bad $4 cards. With native village being swindled i would just swindle it and replace it with an estate. estate/bridge doesn’t work at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just pulled this combo off in a 2 player game against my girlfriend, bought 6 provinces on the last turn :-). I used a couple of lookouts to selectively trash/native village specific cards which helped a bit but wasn’t really necessary. Once my deck was small enough that I could get everything in one hand (and I owned 5 bridges) it didn’t even matter which cards were on the village mats and which were in my hand, I just drew my entire deck and played all the treasure and bridges.

  3. immaterial says:

    lovely setup, so much use being got from the NV’s
    ps: the email link goes to ie 2011 instead of 2012 😉

  4. Yuma says:

    I tried this combo today and really had a hard time with it. I tried to follow the parameters, but ended up having a really tough time having enough money to buy bridges. Over the start of the game ended up with about 8 native villages and only 3 bridges–because, I think all of my bridges got stuck in the native village mat, and then native villages crowded out my hand so I couldn’t buy more bridges, I even had a hard time buying silvers! I ended up having to abort the native village mat early because I needed to get more bridges and had to start over in which time my opponent had built a substantial province lead and I couldn’t catch up. How to avoid this pitfall? Or did I play it very wrong?

    • HiveMindEmulator says:

      If you see most of your money going onto the mat early, you might have to add in a silver.

      • Yuma says:

        Maybe I just play this against other super fast options–I just lost to a double embassy, should have seen that coming. but in the 4~5 times i have tried this i have never won. The sample game above makes this strat look like it is simple and easy to pull off. I disagree. Either that or I just play it super poorly.

  5. brokoli says:

    I tried this combo for the first time today.
    I think it’s powerful, but… my opponent found a counter which is better than the NV/Bridge strategy : City. Because the piles of NV and bridges were emptied, he succeed to make a level 2 city, and won. I didn’t saw that until almost the end of the game !

  6. wombo says:

    sorry but what is KC?

  7. treasuremapisforcretins says:

    …isn’t native village one of many cards that combos disgustingly well with bridge? That’s a rhetorical question- it is, and it’s not even one of the better ones.

    • vidicate says:

      Somewhat true (depending on who you ask — I often find Bridge to be quite ignorable), so just look at this article as “Bridge is one of the few cards that actually combos disgustingly well with Native Village“!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I tried this strat and it got wrecked by a Sabateur. The only cards above 3 are the bridges and every time my opp played Sab, it ruined a bridge.

  9. gamesou says:

    I just played the variant Native Village/Highway/Woodcutter, which is weaker but still competitive. This is a cool combo !

  10. PK9 says:

    I imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to this combo is if the NV deck went out, and you only had one “live” NV (since you’ll gradually put NVs on your mat as well), and your opponent hits you with the swindler to trash the NV turning your NV mat into an Island mat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh jeez, that would be horrifying.
      I like this combo and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, but it’s one of those offbeat strategies that I probably wouldn’t risk if I saw Saboteur or Swindler on the table.

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