Previews #5: Exorcist, Pixie, Vampire

Original Article by Donald X.

And now, something extra! Yes it’s the last Nocturne preview.

The 5th theme of this set is extra cards. And you’ve been seeing them all week, there were too many to just save them for today. But here are some more of these things. And more cards for the previous themes; they’re all interconnected.

Exorcist at last explains what Spirit is all about. It turns cards into Spirits. There are three Spirits and you’ve seen them all: Will-o’-Wisp, Imp, Ghost. So Exorcist can turn an Estate into a Wisp, a Silver into an Imp, and so on. And Wisp can draw Imp, and Imp can play Wisp, and Ghost can hit Wisps and Imps; if you get a bunch of Spirits they are a card-drawing package.


Pixie is another Fate card and has another Heirloom. It gives you a Boon twice, but just once, and it hangs around until the Boon is good enough. One of the Boons is The Flame’s Gift, which trashes, but it’s not super-unfair if Pixie hits that in a game with no other trashers, because there’s always another trasher: Goat. It eats anything. And you sell its milk or something.


Of course there had to be a Vampire, and of course it turns into a Bat. That’s what they do. Well vampires do tons of things, but that’s one of them, and you can only capture so much in a Dominion card. Vampire gains you cards and Hexes people, while Bat is a trasher, and has to feed to turn back.

The online version will have all the preview cards through the weekend (and then won’t have them again until the physical version comes out). The physical version is now expected to ship from RGG on November 13 (so stores will have it a few days later).

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