Nocturne Bonus Preview #4: Leprechaun

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Today I get to preview the most fun-loving Doom card of all, Leprechuan.


Leprechaun costs $3 and gains you Gold. What a deal! But unless you’re careful, the Leprecaun will also play a prank on you. Just going by the Hexes previewed today, your Gold might come with a Copper on your deck, or you’ll have to trash a $3-$4 card, or maybe all your Silvers and Golds will be Coppers this turn. Is it worth it? I guess that depends.

If you are careful, you’ll gain a Wish instead of receiving a Hex. And a Wish is pretty sweet, I tell you what. It’s a one-use ticket to gain any card costing $6 or less directly to your hand. Sometimes that will be a Gold, but often there’s something you’d rather have that fits the moment just perfectly. Maybe you’ve got a hand full of Victory cards and need a Shepherd to sort them out. Perhaps you already have one Idol in hand and want another one to give out some Curses. Lots of options there.

Getting that Wish isn’t trivial, though. You have to have exactly 7 cards in play when you play your Leprechaun. This will normally include the Leprechaun itself. It also includes any Duration cards that are still in play from previous turns. It’s something to shoot for in your Leprechaun games, assuming you think you can get that Wish in time to draw it before the game ends.

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