Nocturne Previews #1: Devil’s Workshop, Raider, Ghost Town

Original Preview Article by Donald X.

It’s always the same dream. I’m working in a factory, making giant marshmallows. When I wake up, I have an extra pillow. And also it’s time to post a Dominion preview. Or am I still dreaming? Well I’ll just get the preview posted, and worry about that later.

Nocturne has five themes, and there are five weekdays, so that’s all going to work out neatly. Today: Night.

Night is a new phase. It comes after the Buy phase, and in it you can play any number of Night cards. That’s all there is to it. We get right to the point here in Dominion-land.
nocturne 1.png

One trick Night cards can do is, they can care about what happened during the turn. Devil’s Workshop is an example: it cares how many cards you gained this turn. You can skip buying stuff to get a Gold from it; you can try to get multiple cards so that Devil’s Workshop gets you an Imp.

Nocturne is a 500-card set. There are 33 kingdom cards, which take a lot of space, but still leave space for a bunch of other things. One of those things is Imp. It’s a nifty Lab variant that only lets you play an Action you don’t have in play. However diverse your deck is puts a limit on how many Imps you want. It says “Spirit” on the bottom and well we will figure out what that’s there for later. You can’t buy an Imp, you can just get one from Devil’s Workshop, or maybe some other ways.

nocturne 2

Raider also cares about your turn. Anything you have in play becomes fair game for your opponents to discard. Early on you just want to make sure you hit something; later you may try to make Raider hit harder by say not playing that Copper you drew. Raider is a Duration card and well that is a thing about Night cards; some of the game’s resources only make sense during the day part of the turn, and Duration lets Night cards provide those resources. Nocturne didn’t start out planning to have a Duration card theme but there are several of them.

nocturne 3

Ghost Town does another trick: it goes straight to your hand. Since the Buy phase is ahead of the Night phase, you can buy it and play it the same turn. There are several of these. Do you think you’ll need a village next turn? Here you go.

LastFootnote will be posting additional one-card previews at each day; they will show up in the morning, USA time.

Finally, online Dominion ( will have the preview cards (both the ones I preview and the ones LastFootnote does), at around 6 pm UTC each day. To play with them, pick the special matchmaking option that mentions Nocturne. You will get eight random cards plus two of the four previewed cards (my three and LF’s one); later in the week you will get six random cards plus four previewed cards (two from that day, two from earlier days). This will last through the weekend and then disappear; the full set will show up online when the physical set hits stores.

You can join in on the conversation about these exciting new cards by clicking here.

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