Nocturne Bonus Preview #1: Crypt

Original Preview Article by LastFootnote

Hello, and welcome to the first Nocturne bonus preview. Today I’m going to talk about Crypt.


Crypt is yet another Night-Duration card. But unlike most Duration cards, Crypt may stay in play for several turns, providing you with an ongoing benefit. When you play a Crypt, you set aside any number of Treasure cards you have in play, and you get to put one back into your hand as an extra card at the start of each of your turns until they run out. It’s like you got to use each Treasure twice!

Often you’ll just set aside all the Treasures you have in play, but probably not every time. Maybe you’ll play two Crypts in the same turn and want to split your Treasures between them, or maybe you just won’t want to have all of your Treasures trapped in a Crypt. Or perhaps you might prefer them to sit in your Crypt for as long as possible! You won’t have to draw those Coppers for a while.

I’ll be back each day this week with another bonus preview. I plan to continue posting them around 8:00 AM Eastern Time, 5:00 AM Pacific Time. See you again tomorrow!

You can join in on the conversation about this new card by clicking here.

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