Nocturne Bonus Preview #2 Faithful Hound

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faithful hound

In these dark days it’s good to have reliable companions, friends that will stick with you to the bitter end. But in a pinch, a dog will do.

Faithful Hound is an Action-Reaction card, like Moat. And just like Moat, it draws you two cards when you play it. The reaction is quite different, though. When you send a Faithful Hound away, it comes right back as an extra card in your next hand. You might never even play your Faithful Hounds, just discarding them to Cellars and the like.

And like most Reaction cards, Faithful Hound can help against some attacks. It’s nice against Attack cards that make you discard from your hand, like Militia. But maybe sometimes you’ll get lucky and a Bandit will flip your Faithful Hound. Hope springs eternal.

Faithful Hound doesn’t have an Heirloom, look at that. It’s an off-theme preview! Tomorrow’s bonus preview will have an Heirloom to make up for it, I give you my word.

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5 Responses to Nocturne Bonus Preview #2 Faithful Hound

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  2. A nice little utility card. Put this with Oasis and Goons in the same set and it wont break the game but it will be worth getting a couple of copies.

  3. Daryl Wright says:

    I’m a little confused with the end of this card where it says, “… and put it into your hand at the end of turn.” If someone Militias me, do I put the faithful hound in my hand at the end of that person’s turn, or my next turn? Without specifying whose turn, I would probably err on the former.

    • You put Faithful Hand into your hand at the end of whatever turn it was discarded. If you discard on your opponents turn, then at the end of their turn, you put Faithful Hound back into your hand.

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