Nocturne Previews #2: Shepherd, Pooka, Cemetery

Original Article by Donald X.

I have this preview from my father, who had it from his father, who had it from his father. Who won it in a cat’s cradle contest, if you must know.

Seven cards in Nocturne come with an Heirloom. Let’s see one.


That yellow band means, everyone replaces a starting Copper with the listed card. In a game with Shepherd, you have 3 Estates, 6 Coppers, and a Pasture. In a game with Shepherd, Pooka, and Cemetery (they’re coming in a second), you start with 3 Estates, 4 Coppers, a Pasture, a Cursed Gold, and a Haunted Mirror. See how it works?

Shepherd can draw lots of cards if you have a bunch of Victory cards. Pasture meanwhile is a Victory card that rewards you for holding onto those Estates, or getting more of them.


Pooka lets you trade a Treasure you didn’t want for +4 Cards, that seems completely innocent. It can’t trash Cursed Gold but everyone has their limits. And as it happens you have some Cursed Gold. It’s a Treasure worth $3 but you get Cursed each time you use it. Do you buy that great card turn one and get a Curse with it? I can’t make that decision for you.


Cemetery trashes cards when you gain it, that’s pretty sweet. I will just tell you now, it is great to gain it with a Workshop or something. It means everyone has a Haunted Mirror, which gives you a little sub-game to play to get a Ghost. And there’s Ghost, another Spirit. It comes out at Night, finds an Action, and does it twice on your next turn.

Do you like the new preview cards? Feel free to discuss them in the forums.

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