Nocturne Previews #3: Blessed Village, Idol, Druid

Original Article By Donald X.

My gift for you today: a preview.

Nocturne has Boons. It’s a deck of 12 landscape-style cards that give small beneficial effects. You play a card that says “receive a Boon” or some such, and turn over the top Boon and see what you get. You shuffle the cards when needed, they don’t run out.


Okay here are some examples. The Sea’s Gift, The Sun’s Gift, The Swamp’s Gift – they are all nature giving you stuff. The Swamp’s Gift gives you another non-supply card, so here’s that: Will-o’-Wisp.


It’s a handy little thing, and who knows, maybe the Swamp will give you one. So anyway. You somehow get a boon, it’s the Sea’s Gift, so you draw a card; it’s that easy.


Blessed Village gives you a Boon when you gain it. You can save the Boon for next turn and well some of them are still handy at the end of your Buy phase, but not all of them. The Sea’s Gift for example is one you probably save. That word Fate at the bottom just means, shuffle the Boons for this game. See they all have it.


Idol alternates giving you Boons and Cursing the other players. It’s that rare thing, a Cursing attack that doesn’t just run out the Curses. Of course some games you get four and are playing them every turn. But not every game.


Druid gives you a choice of three Boons. It’s just those three all game. Maybe this game Druid is your choice of, oh, those three Boons. Well that’s a Wisp-making machine, that’s pretty nice. And it can also draw you a card or order your deck, if those are important or the Wisps are gone. And there’s the +Buy, sometimes you need that.

I only showed off three Boons, but of course the online version will have all twelve this week, so that the cards work correctly.

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