Nocturne Bonus Preview #3: Fool

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Who’s that schlemiel that’s always getting lost in the woods? It’s today’s bonus preview, Fool. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start at the bottom.

Lost in the Woods is a new kind of card-shaped thing, a State! You can think of it like a status effect. While it’s in front of you, at the start of each of your turns, you may discard a card to receive a Boon. Usually that’s a pretty good deal. But there’s only one copy of Lost in the Woods, so you might have to take it from somebody else.

That’s where Fool comes in. If you already have Lost in the Woods, Fool does nothing. He’s lost in the woods, don’t you know! Maybe you can at least discard him for a Boon. Anyway. If you don’t have Lost in the Woods, then Fool goes on a little adventure. He bumbles around, getting three random Boons that you can receive in any order. For instance, if you drew the Boons that Donald X. previewed today (The Sea’s Gift, The Sun’s Gift, and The Swamp’s Gift), you might choose to first gain a Will-o’-Wisp, then look at the top 4 cards of your deck and discard/reorder them, then draw whichever one you put back on top! Not bad for a $3 card. Then you take Lost in the Woods, and your Fools are useless until somebody else plays one. At least you get that bonus every turn.

Finally, in games that use Fool, everybody starts with a Lucky Coin. It’s like a Copper that gains Silvers! It can really speed up your deck early on. And later if you decide you have enough Silver, maybe you can remodel Lucky Coin into a Gold or something. Or trash it. Or just stop playing it. The possibilities are (not actually) endless.

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