Dominion Nocturne: Night Cards PSA

Dominion Nocturne: Night Cards PSA

Original Article by Seprix

Attention, everyone. Night cards are not Action cards. There are a surprising amount of Dominion cards that deal specifically with Actions and thus do not deal with Night cards. This will lead to a lot of poor decision making and the sooner we get this list going the sooner people will remember and not mess up and lose for it.

The List

Vassal: Only affects Action cards. Night cards will simply be discarded!

Throne Room, King’s Court, Procession, Crown, Disciple: Maybe there will be a Throne Room for Night cards, but these are certainly not them.

Library: Night cards are not skippable.

Lurker: Can’t gain non-Actions!

Shanty Town: A rare buff! Shanty Town is 100% compatable with Nocturne.

Conspirator: This one is really easy to mess up on!

Ironworks: No benefits upon gaining Night cards.

Replace: You will not hand out Curses or topdeck with a pure Night card.

Tribute: Thought you’d never see this card mentioned again, huh? Anyways, even though it’s retconned it still wouldn’t be any good with Night cards.

Transmute: And yet another reason to hate Transmute.

Vineyard: Night cards are not Actions!

Scrying Pool: This is another biggie, I forget this all the time.

University: For such idle hands, you can’t gain a Devil’s Workshop.

Golem: Geez, Alchemy is a big offender. You’d think with Potions and stuff they’d love ghosts.

Quarry: This won’t be hard to miss with the online implementation.

Rabble: Another weird interaction. Sometimes you’re happy to have Night cards on top, sometimes not. Either way surely they’re better to have on top than green cards on average!

Peddler: This will never come into play as far as I know because Night phase is after but there ya go. You don’t get a cost decrease for playing a Night card.

Farming Village: It will skip every single pure Night card you have.

Inn: Only Actions can be inserted into deck on-gain.

Death Cart: The Black Plague can’t touch Night cards. How thematic.

Ironmonger: Ouch, what a nerf.

Wandering Minstrel: Your Night cards might as well be Treasures.

Band of Misfits, Overlord: No, you can’t play them as Ghost Town.

Graverobber: You can gain Night cards from the trash, but you cannot trash for benefit them.

Herald: Man, Night cards do not work well with some engine cards.

Ferry: Looks like Raider is going to stay at $6.

Plan: You can make deals with the Devil, but you certainly can’t Plan things with him.

Seaway: Not sure why you’d ever want to Seaway a Night card given the Night Phase coming after the Buy phase, but yeah. You can’t do it.

Lost Arts, Training, Inheritance, Pathfinding, Teacher and Tokens, etc: You probably guessed this was the case with Plan.

City Quarter: Night cards are dead cards when it comes to drawing.

Emporium: Night cards do not count towards that sweet sweet VP.

Enchantress: Magic doesn’t touch Night cards! Huh, maybe the anti-synergy with Alchemy makes sense then…

Sacrifice: No benefit is gained.

Advance: Okay, surely you’re getting the point by now.

Arena: Yeah, you get it.

Orchard, Colonnade, Triumphal Arch: Yep, makes sense. You get it. Of course you’ll still forget and you know it.

Defiled Shrine: At least you’ll have a visual indicator with the Online implementation. Heh, IMPlementation.

Summon: Yep. Still can’t do anything with Night cards.

Prince: You can’t bring him back from the dead.

Haunted Woods: If you ever want to play your Night cards, you’d better not buy anything with Haunted Woods in play.

And this isn’t even including the new stuff like Haunted Mirror, which with the discard only works with Action cards. Anyways hope this helps people!

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