Nocturne Previews #4: Werewolf, Skulk, Cursed Village

Original Article by Donald X.

Your punishment today: a preview. See it’s all about your own perspective on it.

Nocturne has Hexes. Hexes are another 12-card deck of landscape-style instructions. These ones are bad though. You get an effect like “each other player receives the next Hex,” and then you turn over just one Hex, just one okay, and they all get that Hex. Of course sometimes you Hex yourself instead.


Some examples. Greed puts a Copper on your deck; War trashes something that wasn’t great but probably wasn’t worthless; and Envy makes you Envious. Okay so what’s that then. Envious makes your Silvers and Golds suck for one turn (well one Buy phase, because you can play Treasures ahead of your Buy phase with e.g. Storyteller, and not necessarily just one, because you can get another Buy phase with e.g. Villa – this game is full of edge cases). Envious is a State, a way of tracking special information about players. It sits in front of you and then it doesn’t. It’s too hard to remember without the card there to remind you. So there’s a card, hooray.

Werewolf is an Action-Night card. During the day he’s just a Smithy, but at Night, he shows his vicious side. In your Action phase you can play Werewolf and draw 3 cards; in your Night phase you can play Werewolf and Hex everyone. Okay? It doesn’t feel tricky to me but I am making sure here. As with Boons, a word on the card needs to tell you to shuffle up the Hexes, and that word is Doom. That makes Werewolf an Action – Night – Attack – Doom card. The Courtiers all like Dame Josephine, but they like Werewolves too.

Skulk costs $4, is all upside, and comes with a Gold, wait what? Somehow, having a Skulk in your deck weighs down the Gold sufficiently to make this all okay.

Cursed Village Hexes you when you gain it. Maybe you will get lucky there and just have to discard some cards or something. But probably it will hurt; that’s the way it goes when your village is cursed. Once you have it it’s a Village with “draw to 6” instead of +1 Card; that’s pretty spiffy, but it has some quirks to learn about the hard way.

I only showed off three hexes, but the online version… you’re way ahead of me. Stef has been getting the cards up fast; they will probably be playable online within half an hour.

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3 Responses to Nocturne Previews #4: Werewolf, Skulk, Cursed Village

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, the link for Dismantle promo is to Day2 preview instead.

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