Nocturne Bonus Preview 5: Necromancer

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Finally, the powers of the dead are yours to command. It’s about time. Today I’m doing the last bonus preview, Necromancer.


Necromancer lets you play Action cards from the trash. And just to ensure that you always have some options there, the trash starts with three Action cards in it, the Zombies. And two of the Zombies can help you get other Action cards into the trash. Somehow it all works out.

Each Action card in the trash can only be used once per turn, though if there are multiple copies of a card in the trash, you’ll be able to play each copy within the same turn. When you play a card in the trash, you flip it over to indicate that. So if you play three Necromancers in a turn, one could play Zombie Spy, the next could play Zombie Apprentice to trash a Skulk, and the last could play the Skulk you just trashed. If you use Throne Room to play Necromancer twice, each play of Necromancer will have to play a different card from the trash. Necromancer can’t play Duration cards, and cards that try to move themselves (like Reserve cards from Adventures) fail to do so; they’re stuck in the trash.

As for the Zombies themselves, you’ve got some choices. There’s the Zombie Spy, which is like a regular Spy except it can only discard the top card of your own deck. The Zombie Mason trashes the top card of your deck and optionally gains you a card costing up to $1 more. Usually if it wasn’t something you wanted to trash, you can gain a copy of it back from the Supply. And finally the Zombie Apprentice, which can only trash Action cards and always draws 3 cards when you do. Why keep that Moneylender around when a zombie Moneylender is just as good?

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