DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 2 Signup

DominionStrategy US National Championships Qualifiers Signup

Qualifying Day 1: Sunday, June 24 at 2PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 2: Tuesday, June 26 at 8PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 3: Thursday, June 28 at 10PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 4: Saturday, June 30 at 11AM EDT (GMT-4)

You can read about the format here.  Each registrant will be placed in a 4-player pod and play four 4-player games with that pod.  The four top players of the day will advance to the next round.

Day 1 qualifiers: knaacku, Pirate Ship Economist, Cielo Azor, Personman

This is registration only for the tournament on June 26th, 8PM EDT (GMT -4). Registration for the other Qualifying Days will take place one day in advance. You may register for as many Qualifying Days as you wish.

The Qualifying Day 2 tournament will be run by slightly different rules: you will be ranked on a points system.  For a four-player game:

6 points for the winner
4 points for second place
2 points for third place
0 points for fourth place

For a three-player game:

6 points for the winner
3 points for second place
0 points for third place

Ties will be broken in favor of most wins, then a playoff.

Signups close at 11:59 PM EDT on June 25.

As a reminder: this tournament is open only to those that live in the United States.

Signups are now closed.

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13 Responses to DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 2 Signup

  1. knaacku says:

    theory, was there a final decision on who moves on from Day 1? I assume I can’t participate in Day 2 if I have already qualified and would like to know whether or not to sign up.

  2. timchen1017 says:

    One thing to add on ties: I think if there is a tie in game, the point you get should be the average of the two places. That is, if 2 players tied first in a 4p game,they get 5 points each.

    For tie breaking purposes I guess it’s ok to treat a shared victory as a win.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Am I missing the thread which shows who is playing who tonight?

    • rrenaud says:

      We are going to try something different and build the pods at 8 PM EST tonight, when we know who has actually showed up. This should help us make them as balanced as possible, so we can avoid for example, collapsing the strong players from different pods into the same pod when there are no shows.

      • Does this mean there is flexibility with respect to non-registered potential players to participate on a stand-in basis? My wife who frequently beats me in 2P, 3P and 4P contests wants to participate in a qualifier, but as of yesterday, she was not willing to commit to registering for this one because there’s a small positive probability that she won’t be home from work by then.

        Also, I haven’t heard anything since the forum post/request about using previous qualifiers to round the pods to 4 player groups (mitigating the 3P versus 4P strategic incomparabiltiy discussed in the forum). Judging that there is a point scheme for 3P games, maybe using previous qualifiers was officially frowned upon?

        In any event, good luck to everyone participating!

        • rrenaud says:

          I think previous qualifiers as filler to avoid 3p matches would be wonderful.

          I am less certain about letting in walk ons. They might get in if they are there at 8 and there are spots open to fill in the pods. Initially we wanted people to register early and then penalize strongly people who didn’t show up, because they screw things up. But in reality, regardless of the penalties, there will still be no shows, so I think I’ll just try to roll with them.

      • Ah, this makes sense. I registered yesterday and kept on checking back to see if I was playing but never saw anything or received any communication. Does this mean I should simply show up in the Tourney lobby a little before 8PM EDT tonight and to get put in my pod?

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