DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 2 Pods

These are the groups for the second day of qualifiers.  Please meet in the Tournament lobby at 8PM EDT (GMT -4) on Isotropic.  You will play your group four times: the initial seating order should be in the order as listed below, and then subsequently rotate:


If you are playing three-player games, then the fourth game’s seating order will be determined by standard Dominion rules (person to the left of the previous winner starts).

28 ◆dx
34 ◆michaeljb
39 ◆perdhapley
40 ◆HiWay

42 ◆Captain_Frisk
13 ◆pkbrooklyn
9 ◆Olorinis
36 ◆ednever

28 ◆Wolphmaniac
37 ◆Fading
35 ◆Powerman
36 ◆Kenuru

29 ◆r0n1
18 ◆dmk
21 ◆Laszlosaurus
41 ◆allfail

10 ◆grant0
33 ◆paddyodoors
48 ◆inverseParanoid

18 ◆bubblovat
22 ◆dscarpac
48 ◆WanderingWinder
19 ◆atariman486

28 ◆zxcvbn2
43 ◆Mic Qsenoch
3 ◆benji

34 ◆Young Nick
17 ◆micromanis
24 ◆sjiang
34 ◆yuma

29 ◆justbegladnow
34 ◆methods of rationality
26 ◆Richardis
20 ◆Polk5440

42 ◆dghunter79
16 ◆Funhave
30 ◆truK

27 ◆DIonized
19 ◆phillyfan21
36 ◆toaster

Games must be played with randomly selected cards, no veto mode, identical starting hands, and with the official point counter enabled unless all players agree otherwise.

Results must be posted in this forum topic.  Please include links to the Isotropic logs.

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5 Responses to DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 2 Pods

  1. Richard says:

    Out of curiosity, how many people are currently signed up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, this is LeoCantLose, and I’m signed up for a position in one of the pods today/tonight. I can’t make it though, and I don’t want to be a no-show. Sorry for the late notification, and I hope I can still register for one of the later tourneys. Thanks!

  3. LeoCantLose says:

    Okay, seems like the last one didn’t post. This is LeoCantLose, I’m signed up for one the pods tonight/today, but I can’t make the time. I hope I can still register for one of the later qualifying rounds, though. So sorry!

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