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Combo of the Day #19: Talisman/Watchtower/Treasure Map

One of those brutal openings if everything lines up just right.  You only need to play this combo once; activating it twice will probably decide the game.  It’s so strong, in fact, that absent any must-buy $3’s or $4’s, you … Continue reading

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Counter of the Day #5: Minion v. Treasury

Minion‘s attack is a bit of a gamble.  Sometimes it hurts, but other times it actually improves an opponent’s hand.  But it is quite powerful when you know your opponent has good cards in his hand, and this commonly occurs … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #11: Black Market/Tactician

Tactician can be an annoying card.  Playing it means forgoing your current turn for a doubly-good next turn.  This is good when you have a bad hand, or a reduced hand, but not good when you draw the Tactician with … Continue reading

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