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Combo of the Day #14: Loan/Minion

Minion and Loan are the two rare cards that do better without big Treasure like Golds or Platinums.  Naturally, they work very well together.  Purchase one (or even several) Loans early on; this commits you to a Treasure-free deck, which … Continue reading

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Intrigue: Minion

Minion is one of those game-warping cards, whose presence greatly changes the strategic landscape.  Though not necessarily a must-buy, its availability forces players to either buy it or give serious thought to how to respond to it. Strengths Minion’s primary … Continue reading

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Counter of the Day #5: Minion v. Treasury

Minion‘s attack is a bit of a gamble.  Sometimes it hurts, but other times it actually improves an opponent’s hand.  But it is quite powerful when you know your opponent has good cards in his hand, and this commonly occurs … Continue reading

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