Intrigue: Mining Village

Mining Village

Dominion: Intrigue

Mining Village is best thought of as a one-shot Conspirator/Grand Market.  Its ability makes it one of the best $4 openers: by trashing it, you can slingshot to $5, $6, or possibly even $7 much faster than you otherwise would be able to with a Silver.  But to use it effectively, you have to commit to trashing it quickly; otherwise, you’ve used a critical opening buy on a useless card.

In the midgame, Mining Village is one of the most useful $4 non-terminals; it’s good to stock up on them so you can cash them in all at once for a mega-turn to end the game.

The fact that Mining Village provides +Actions is really just a bonus.  For pure Actions, you’re better off with the other special Villages (Native, Worker’s, Fishing), since Mining Village’s special ability isn’t as helpful in an Action-oriented strategy (if you’re trashing the Mining Villages, you can’t count on them for Actions).  But it’s a good foundation for a +Actions/+Cards chain if you remember to start scrapping them for cash near the end of the game.

Works with:

  • Bridge (save up the Mining Villages until you can draw enough Bridges together, then trash them all for a game-ending turn)
  • “Mega-turn” strategies in general
  • Ironworks/Workshop for grabbing Mining Villages
  • +Buy
  • Good terminals, including +Cards
  • Conspirator
  • Grand Market
  • Sets where you need to get to $6 as quickly as possible

Conflicts with:

  • The other slingshot $4 cards (Baron, Moneylender)
  • Throne Room/King’s Court (since the benefit doesn’t get doubled/tripled)
  • Good $3/$4 cards that you’d form your strategy around
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4 Responses to Intrigue: Mining Village

  1. guided says:

    Totally agreed.

    The one result from my opening strength analysis that I think is mainly influenced by unskilled play is Mining Village, which showed up as a weak opening. I believe it to be a strong opening card in the hands of a player who’s willing to trash it the very first time it shows up if doing so earns a $6 buy.

  2. Eistee says:

    I agree with this article.

    However, I only open with it when I`m sure to trash it the first time it appears.

  3. Zorblak says:

    Great article, and gave me food for thought. I’ve always thought of the Mining Village as an investment for the late game, and rarely trash it until we’re close to the end. But having read this, it makes sense that it’s too much money to spend early on if it’s not going to help me jump quickly to bigger things, I’m going to have to try it that way and see how it works out.

  4. It is basically a slightly more expensive Village (the one from the core game) and it trashes on its own when you go for Victory points in the end. Why not?

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