Counter of the Day #9: Lookout v. Sea Hag

Lookout isn’t the best trasher, but it’s an extremely good counter to Sea Hag, one of the best attacks in the game.  It turns Sea Hag’s leave-on-deck power—ordinarily a pain—into a boon for your Lookout, and simultaneously eliminates the possibility of an unlucky trashing.

Lookout also counters early to midgame Spies, since if the Spy leaves an Estate or Copper on your deck, you can trash it immediately.  But it’s not a reliable counter in the late game, when opponents will leave Provinces on your deck, and you really can’t afford to take that chance.

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7 Responses to Counter of the Day #9: Lookout v. Sea Hag

  1. ghweiss says:

    Is the presence of Lookout enough to deter you from buying Sea Hag? I can’t imagine it isn’t a factor at all. I guess the same question goes for many of these counters, such as Wishing Well vs Ghost Ship.

    • theory says:

      I switch to Wishing Wells if I’m getting hammered by Ghost Ships. And if Sea Hag is on the board, I’ll probably prefer Lookout to most other trashers that are available.

      I don’t think it will deter me from opening Sea Hag, but that’s a question that depends on what else is available.

    • Frisk says:

      Lookout and Seahags are frequently cards that I hone in on when I’m looking at a board… I would happily open Lookout / Seahag on most boards. I’d almost be as bold as to disagree with Theory that lookout is a legitimate counter to sea hag… every curse you discard is still another copper or estate that they haven’t thinned out of their deck.

      However, I do agree that lookout is stronger against sea hag than it is against witch our mountebank, so I’ll let him (her?) slide today.

      Now the real question that answering this thread has given me is: when do you stop playing the lookout? I’m an aggressive type, and will keep playing it for a long time. Of course, I also gifted someone a Colony via Masquerade for being too aggressive once, so maybe I might be a little too cavalier.

      • rrenaud says:

        If you can match Lookout plays vs Sea Hag plays, you are getting slightly ahead as the Lookout player. You still have an action after the Lookout play, but the Sea Hag player lost their action. You also get the mild benefit of some deck cycling/filtering.

  2. Kirian says:

    As noted in a league game on BGG, Masquerade may make an even better counter; you’re guaranteed to take the Curse and you’re going to pass the Curse to your opponent.

  3. tom says:

    While I am certainly willing to play Lookout, I don’t consider it (or Masquerade) the best counter to Sea Hag in 2P. Upgrade is. Destroys the Curses almost as they come in, chains nicely, improves the rest of your deck when you’re not being cursed, and turns into Gold or other sixes once the Curse storm is over. You just have to buy more Upgrades than you would normally buy (I find 3-4 Upgrades work well to counter someone who buys 2 Hags in a 2P game).

  4. PK9 says:

    I just played a game with Lookout, Sea Hag, and Tunnel. I got incredibly lucky, as three times he hit me with the Sea Hag while I had a Lookout in hand. Twice the top card of my deck just happened to be a Tunnel, so basically he played a Sea Hag and gave me a free Gold and a chance to set up my next hand.

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