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Seaside: Ghost Ship

The following is an expanded and revised version of a guest article by HiveMindEmulator, originally posted in the forum. A ship by the side of the sea reduces hand sizes to three. And when played every turn will quite often … Continue reading

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Counter of the Day #6: Wishing Well/Scout v. Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship makes you place two cards back on deck.  With a Wishing Well in your hand, you can draw back the first card and then successfully wish for the second.  You’re still hurt by the attack, but it basically … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #8: Council Room/Goons

As part of a +Action/+Cards engine, Council Room has a great ability, being the only +4 Cards in the game.  The +Buy is an additional benefit, since you’ll probably be drawing enough money to need it and it saves you … Continue reading

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Counter of the Day #4: Tactician v. Ghost Ship

Ordinarily, Ghost Ship is a pain to deal with.  Do you wreck your current hand, or do you sandbag your next one and hope to get something out of this one? Tactician changes things.  Put your good cards back on … Continue reading

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