Counter of the Day #4: Tactician v. Ghost Ship

Ordinarily, Ghost Ship is a pain to deal with.  Do you wreck your current hand, or do you sandbag your next one and hope to get something out of this one?

Tactician changes things.  Put your good cards back on the deck (to be drawn later), then discard the bad cards with your Tactician.  Tactician helps against every attack that cuts hand size, but because Ghost Ship places cards back on the deck instead of discarding them, it’s the only attack that ends up helping Tacticians rather than hurting them.

Sample Game: hausdorff’s turn 5 Ghost Ship lets rrenaud save his Bridge from turn 6 for turn 7. The Ghost Ship enables rrenaud to play two bridges on turn seven. Without the opponent’s Ghost Ship, rrenaud’s turn 6 would have been no better, and his seventh turn would have been significantly worse.

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2 Responses to Counter of the Day #4: Tactician v. Ghost Ship

  1. Anonymous says:

    though note when bying tactician to counter ghost ship or goons you can become the one who is countered if they play it on the turn after you use tactician

  2. Anonymous says:

    ixnay on the comment above i was confused about how duration effect worked as i do not own seaside and thought it applied right after you drew your cards for the next turn. so this coment dosnt apply

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