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Dominion: Mine

This is a revised version of a guest article by greatexpectations, incorporating additional analysis from LastFootnote, originally posted on the forum. A Favorite Card of Mine Let’s be honest here: Mine is probably most famous for being the card everyone … Continue reading

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Guide to the Dominion Base Game

This is an article intended for those who only own the Dominion base game and want an overall strategic overview of the game.  It is assumed that you have played enough games of Dominion to have a general understanding of … Continue reading

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Dominion: Library

Library is the most unusual of the +Cards Actions.  Because you don’t draw a set number of cards, but rather up to 7, it responds poorly to Throne Room but does quite well with small hands (normally a drawback).  Preferably, … Continue reading

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Dominion: Laboratory

The benchmark against which every other $5 card is measured.  Laboratory was the first Dominion card released with such delicious self-synergy: unlike +Actions/+Cards engines, Laboratory chains can’t sputter because it drew its cards in the wrong order.  And there’s no … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Chancellor

This article is written by Drew Hardin. This article will discuss the Chancellor. The Chancellor is commonly (but not completely) viewed as a weak card. The most common arguments are that the card is highly situational and the benefit of … Continue reading

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Dominion: Gardens

The standard “Gardens strategy” is to grab Gardens, bloat your deck, and simultaneously run out two other piles (one of which is typically Estates) to end the game as fast as possible, before your opponents can begin to buy Provinces … Continue reading

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Dominion: Moneylender

One of the best opening $4’s.  There’s very few occasions where I wouldn’t open with Moneylender; it’s more useful than Baron early on because it trashes (rather than discards) and works with Coppers (which are more plentiful than Estates).  Moneylender … Continue reading

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Dominion: Woodcutter

Woodcutter is the most niche card in the base set.  Its +Buy can be critical if (and this is a big if) you can make use of it and no superior alternatives exist.  But with one major exception, Woodcutter almost … Continue reading

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Dominion: Market

It pains me to say this, but Market is one of the worst $5 cards in the game. Don’t get me wrong: Markets are definitely good, as a non-terminal Action that provides +$1 and +1 Buy, and therefore readily spammable.  … Continue reading

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Dominion: Chapel

This is the best card in the game. Simply put, no other card fundamentally alters the game as much as Chapel and its deceptively simple ability.  In the base game, Chapel was so important that Dominion was essentially two different … Continue reading

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