Dominion Strategy YouTube Channel

We’ve created a YouTube channel featuring annotated games by skilled players, who provide running commentary throughout the game.

Currently the channel features two of WanderingWinder’s matches in the 2011 Championships.  All remaining matches in the Championships will also be recorded, annotated, and uploaded to the channel.

We welcome anyone, regardless of skill level, to contribute their videos.  Email us at you may either attach the videos directly, or include links to a public DropBox folder.  We’ll download it, review it, and upload it to the channel.

If you have any feedback, please let us know.  This is intended as a learning resource both for those new to the game, as well as higher-level Isotropic players seeking an insight into the thought process of top Dominion players.

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15 Responses to Dominion Strategy YouTube Channel

  1. Roadkill says:

    I like the channel idea. A few pieces of feedback:

    – If the screencast could just be a tad sharper, it would make all the difference. It’s low enough quality that it can be a bit difficult to discern what cards are in play.

    – Alternatively, if there were a link to the game log in the video description, one could just follow along with the narrative. (I would appreciate the link either way.)

    – I think it’ll be handy if, somewhere, you highlight particularly interesting videos for Dominion strategy. It’s already a bit intimidating (with almost two hours of games) – difficult to know the best place to start.

  2. brokoli says:

    Interesting videos. I think for more readability (for watcher), WW should use images. They are larger. But thank you anyway.

  3. ipofanes says:

    This would require him to use an interface he may not be accustomed to, at the latter stages of an elimination tournament, where one misclick spells doom.

    • brokoli says:


      • ^_^_^_^ says:

        Yeah, WW is accustomed to text, and this was brought up earlier @ the forums. Personally, after watching 2 games of the text I got accustomed to it and actually love playing with images and watching the text now. Reason being that with images I will accidentally move my mouse to buy something myself while with text I know I’m viewing it since I play with images.

  4. NukeTheHippos says:

    Awesome videos. As someone who until recently only played base Dominion casually, it’s extremely helpful to have a high-level player’s commentary. Watching strategies evolve turn-to-turn and the thought process behind each pick is something you can’t really get from reading articles alone. Can’t wait for more of these!

  5. MainiacJoe says:

    I’m very interested in these videos but at 360p I can’t read them at all! Am I doing something wrong?

  6. buggibum says:

    Love the videos.

    2 things to sharpen the quality:
    1) Capture only the relevant screensize. It’s like 40% of the screen has useless information.
    2) When you press the “info” button for info, say what you are looking after and point 1 sec on that number or read it loud. Otherwise we can’t follow what you just looked up. Most of the times it’s the points or deck number i know, but im just saying.

  7. theory says:

    By the way, guys, I recorded a couple of very sharp 720p videos with Captain_Frisk without commentary, that I’m going to try to commentate this weekend. The games aren’t spectacularly interesting from a Kingdom point of view, but they do illustrate some tactical decisionmaking.

  8. WanderingWinder says:

    Is there a quick way of seeing when someone makes a comment on one of the individual videos without having to canvas each individual video?

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