2011 DominionStrategy.com Championships Final Four

The 2011 DominionStrategy.com Championships

256 entered
4 remain

Chapel Division: olneyce
The champion of the top-seeded division, olneyce’s impressive tournament performance includes victories over both the IsoDom1 champion as well as #1 on the Isotropic leaderboard 

Witch Division: RisingJaguar
The lowest seed left in the Final Four, the underdog RisingJaguar has shot out of nowhere to upset multiple favorites for the title, defeating more high seeds than anyone else in the tournament

Gardens Division: manzi
The sole non-North American player remaining, representing the Japanese Dominion scene, manzi has swept through the tournament virtually unscathed and has yet to be pushed to a seventh game

Thief Division: WanderingWinder
The most prolific and recognizable member of the Final Four, WanderingWinder is the only top seed remaining, and has played more games on Isotropic than the rest of the Final Four combined

2011 DominionStrategy.com Finals

Over the next several days, we’ll publish interviews with each of the Final Four, to get their thoughts on the tournament, Dominion strategy advice, and their most feared opponents.  In the meantime, why not head over to the forum, and vote for who you think will win the tournament?

Matches will be recorded and uploaded on the DominionStrategy YouTube channel.

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7 Responses to 2011 DominionStrategy.com Championships Final Four

  1. RisingJaguar says:

    Just to make it more fitting, can we swap the bronze medal game to copper medal game? Copper medals exist right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking at RisingJaguar’s current isotropic rank, he was badly underseeded.

    • RisingJaguar says:

      In my honest opinion, yeah I think I am better than my previous ranking suggest. With that said, it is the ranking I had. I’ve consistently had a very large +/- number in the leaderboard which probably explains a bit.

      • ftl says:

        You were just biding your time to make your name appropriate for the tournament! After all, you’re RisingJaguar and not GoodBeforeAndStillGoodNowJaguar! :-p

    • Iamsum1gr8 says:

      Considering how many games he must have won to get to the semi finals it’s no wonder his ranking has gone so high…

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