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Counter of the Day #10: Bishop v. Gardens

As discussed in this BGG topic, Bishop is one of the most effective counters to a fast Gardens rush strategy.  Trashing each Garden nets about 3VP chips, and this accumulation of VP chips discourages the Gardens player from ending the … Continue reading

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The Five Best $4 Cards

Disclaimer: Dominion does a really great job of balancing its Kingdom cards. Pretty much every card has some situations where it shines, and some situations where it doesn’t. Nevertheless, some cards just end up being flat-out better than others, either … Continue reading

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Combo of the Day #16: Hoard/Salvager

Salvager is a great opening buy, but it tends to stall once you run out of targets.  (This is true of most trashing cards other than Steward.) Salvaging Coppers is just not worth the effort; you’re essentially Cutpursing yourself for … Continue reading

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Prosperity: Bishop

There’s two ways to view Bishop.  The first is by lumping it with Salvager and Remodel, as a 4-cost, single-card trasher that provides some kind of benefit.  (In this sense, Island is a bit like a one-time version of Bishop: … Continue reading

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