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Fun With Popular Buys: Card Power Levels

In our most recent installment, we looked at the popular buys page to examine the impact of tournament prizes to see which ones were popular, which ones were effective. While looking at this, I had jumped onto the page, sorted … Continue reading

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Fun with Popular Buys: Tournament Prizes

Theory’s hiatus continues, so you’re stuck with me providing some low quality content. Today’s mini installment is a follow up to our previous article on Cornucopia Prizes. We now have 1 weekend worth of data on, so we can … Continue reading

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Cornucopia Prizes Revealed

Now that physical copies are out and about, it looks like the list of Prizes has now been revealed courtesy of the designer himself: over @ BGG in this thread. Read on for the spoilers, and lets us know which … Continue reading

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Cornucopia Spoilers From the Gathering: Initial Thoughts

Today is a happy day for Dominion players around the world… the first leaks of Cornucopia cards have occurred, thanks to Dale Yu over at Opinionated Gamers. theory and I thought it would be fun / interesting to write down … Continue reading

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Simulation Challenge: Dominant Strategy

Hiatus! I didn’t want to let folks down because theory thinks he needs to study, so here is some light content: Theory and I played a series of epic games a few weeks back, some of which will probably get written … Continue reading

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