Cornucopia Prizes Revealed

Now that physical copies are out and about, it looks like the list of Prizes has now been revealed courtesy of the designer himself: over @ BGG in this thread.

Read on for the spoilers, and lets us know which prize you think is the juiciest in the comments!

Bag of Gold: Action – Prize, $0*
+1 Action
Gain a Gold, putting it on top of your deck.
(This is not in the Supply.)

Diadem: Treasure – Prize, $0*, worth $2
$2 [large coin]
When you play this, +$1 per unused Action you have (Action, not Action card).
(This is not in the Supply.)

Followers: Action – Attack – Prize, $0*
+2 Cards
Gain an Estate. Each other player gains a Curse and discards down to 3 cards in hand.
(This is not in the Supply.)

Princess: Action – Prize, $0*
+1 Buy
While this is in play, cards cost $2 less, but not less than $0.
(This is not in the Supply.)

Trusty Steed: Action – Prize, $0*
Choose two: +2 Cards; or +2 Actions; or +$2; or gain 4 Silvers and put your deck into your discard pile.
(This is not in the Supply.)

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32 Responses to Cornucopia Prizes Revealed

  1. Jets says:

    Well these look pretty crazy except for Princess. Princess just looks straight up dull. Basically its just a better Bridge. Trusty Steed starts off looking like a better Steward until you read the last option which is like some kind of mutated Chancellor. Followers is a pretty devastating attack but the whole gain an estate part balances that. Bag of Gold is a solid card that is pretty much always useful except that it does nothing for you on the turn you use it unless you also have something to draw cards. Diadem’s strength will depend greatly on the other cards. Village Idiot plus a Diadem might even be a viable strategy lol.

    • joel88s says:

      Re Bag of Gold not helping same turn, note that when you play Tournament, if you ‘win’ outright so to speak and nobody else reveals a Province, you get +$1,+1 card, meaning you draw your prize immediately.

      • tlloyd says:

        That means you’ll get to play Bag of Gold on the same turn you played the Tournament, but unless you have more card draw you still don’t get the benefit of the Gold until your next turn.

        • joel88s says:

          Ah, true.

        • LastFootnote says:

          All it takes is another card in your hand that gives at least +1 card, though. That makes Bag of Gold a decent prize in a deck that’s mostly +Cards and Treasure. Not that you’d necessarily want Tounaments in such a deck.

  2. Note that currently the only way to get these prize cards is to reveal a Province when someone else plays Tournament. So you need to look at them for their endgame use…

    • Jonah says:

      You mean when you play Tournament. You can’t get one from someone else’s Tournament.

    • Jets says:

      I wouldn’t say end game use exclusively. These prizes may make it worthwhile to buy a province earlier than you usually would.

      • chris says:

        You still have to draw the tournament and province together, though — sounds like a job for all the same sorts of setups you use to draw a treasure map and a treasure map together.

        …Speaking of which, if a treasure map goes off, you immediately draw 4 gold (and 1 other card), which often results in buying… a province (in non colony games). So then you can put your Treasure Map support setup to use with tournaments?

        If nobody has Provinces, Tournament is a cheaper Market without the (often wasted) Buy, even if you don’t have any yet yourself. If you get a lucky 8-coin turn and get a Province early, then you have a chance at Prizes. Sounds good to me.

        P.S. Tactician. The first time you use it, you (hopefully) get a province out of it, after that you’re raising your chances of drawing Province + Tournament together (either at the start of the Tactician turn, or by chaining stuff like Warehouse). And on a Tactician turn you can play the Tournament, reveal the Province, gain the Prize, probably draw it immediately, and still do other useful stuff on that turn.

  3. Axxle says:

    Just to clarify:

    Trusty Steed: Action – Prize, $0*
    Choose two (The choices must be different.) : +2 Cards; or +2 Actions; or +$2; or gain 4 Silvers and put your deck into your discard pile.

    from donald x.’s post here:

  4. Stephen says:

    I find it extraordinarily amusing any of these Prizes can be swindled into a curse.

  5. Jets says:

    I just realized that the way Princess is worded it does not become better by using a Throne Room or King’s Court on it (other than the extra buys). Just like a King’s Courted Goons does not give more points per card that you buy.

  6. michaeljb says:

    I think that Possession+Followers would have to be a candidate for a Great Isotropic Moment of epic fail.

  7. WanderingWinder says:

    I have to assume there will be some way to gain these other than winning a tournament. I mean, really. Really. It would be SO depressing to have these five unique, cool cards that are entirely dependent on one single other card to be able to get them.
    It sort of also goes against the feel of general Dominion principles, like why no card references other cards that aren’t “basic” cards – copper, silver, gold, estate, duchy, province, curse, etc. – or themselves.

    • WanderingWinder says:

      And after rereading the BGG thread, nope. It’s only tournament… so far anyway. So I guess they’re more like an extension of the Tournament card than anything, like the Native Village mat, or some of the tokens we have. Still somewhat disappointing, but more it seems that this was somehow mis-marketed.

      • Ryan says:

        To be honest, this seems to me like a way of shoehorning in some cool cards that totally failed playtesting (if they even got that far).

        When you look at it this way, it’s not a disappointment. I wouldn’t really want them to be available all the time anyhow. Just think of it as a bonus that we get to mess around with them at all.

    • LastFootnote says:

      The Prize cards are really cool, granted. The thing is, I don’t think they could be normal stacks of Kingdom Cards. They’re so powerful that if there were 10 copies of them available, they’d dominate the game. Either that, or they’d be so expensive that nobody would ever buy them. The Tournament mechanic seems like a great way to have these cards that would otherwise never fit into the game. Yeah, they’re rare, but that’s part of what makes them so appealing, I think.

      • WanderingWinder says:

        I wasn’t suggesting that I wanted to make them normal kingdom cards, but rather something more like VP tokens, where there are a few cards to give access to them.

  8. WanderingWinder says:

    I’m curious as to what the “worth $2” means. I’m guessing it’s just redundant for the $2 large coin, but I’m not sure, as that’s sorta redundant then. 😉

    • LastFootnote says:

      It just indicates that there’s a 2-Coin symbol on the top of the card, like Silver, Stash, Royal Seal, Harem, Hoard, etc.

  9. RobotNinja says:

    I wouldn’t underestimate the Princess. If used correctly, it’s worth $4 towards your turn. At worse, Princess will guarantee you a free estate, which could make the difference in a close game.

    That being said: Followers is a mutated Witch+Militia, so I’d have a hard time passing it up.

    • caesuric says:

      Since it gives you an extra buy, at the worst end the princess will actually guarantee you TWO extra estates, which is pretty neat.

  10. Ido says:

    Well I know that nobody think about theme, but I find tournament and the prizes quite nice thematically. The “everyone reveals a province” feels like some kind of a tournament, and the prizes fit too:
    A Bag of gold is a pretty “standard” prize for medieval tournaments.
    A Diadem or a Steed too.
    Followers are more like a by-effect of winning than the prize – you won the tournament, now you are famous and many people become your followers.
    And princess… Of course. This card is probably a nod to all those stories about “the king organized a tournament to see who is worthy to marry his daughter”.

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  12. KingTheodenII says:

    You say that princess sucks. It may well be one of the best prize other than Trusty Steed because
    it makes cards cost $2 less. That means you can buy a gold for 4 treasure, a platinum for 7 treasure, a border village for 4 treasure, a colony for 9 treasure – makes everything cheaper. Then add in a card like Quarry that makes action cards cost 2 more less then you can have 4 less and get a border village for 2 or get posession for 2 and a potion, king’s court for 3 treasure. It does a lot for you in the game.

    • brokoli says:

      Yes, but It’s not so good. It’s a terminal card, and with a single buy it’s a silver. Princess is always my last choice : Bag of gold has +action, Diadem is a treasure, not an action card and worth often a gold.

      • chesskidnate says:

        Of course, it isn’t bad in decks that can make a lot of cash but are slow(i.e. lab chains or village+smithy) since the extra buy will probably be useful for double province buys but in most scenarios princess will be worse than diadem and may even be worse than silver

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