Combo: Bridge + Royal Carriage

This article was written by Polk5440 and edited collaboratively with the rest of the Dominion Strategy blog team. Do you want to contribute to the Dominion Strategy Blog? See this post on the forums for details!

Bridge is the original megaturn card. Instead of buying Provinces one or two at a time while slowly bogging down your deck with green cards, Bridge enables what feels like an alternative way of winning: building decks that let you play enough Bridges and have enough coin to buy the remaining Provinces (or otherwise gain enough points to win on a single turn). No accumulation of green cards is necessary!

Now, gaining a lot of Bridges and then playing them in one turn usually takes some work; notably, draw and some kind of trashing or sifting is a must. While Native Village or King’s Court are particularly notable enablers, Royal Carriage might just be the best.

Royal Carriage is a strong partner for Bridge because you only need one Bridge in hand to generate the megaturn: If you play a Bridge and call 6 Royal Carriages from Reserve, then that means Bridge is played 7 times (itself + 6 Royal Carriages), giving you 8 buys, $7, and Provinces cost $1.

Basic Strategy:

  • Buy Royal Carriage whenever you can (the goal is to get 6).
  • Buy Bridge.
  • Buy Silver (up to two) with 3 or 4 coins.  
  • Once you have 6 Royal Carriages on the Tavern mat and a Bridge in hand, play Bridge, call all your Royal Carriages, and buy all the Provinces.

Don’t buy more than 2 or 3 Silvers, but it is worth buying an extra Bridge if you aren’t worried about collisions. This will help you trigger the megaturn earlier by reducing bad shuffles where you are ready to activate, but the Bridge is shuffled to the bottom of your deck.

If calling Royal Carriage on Bridge allows you to purchase multiple Royal Carriages, then do it. In fact, it is usually critical to do so for this strategy to be as fast as possible. In the absence of attacks or enablers, you should be able to gain 6 Royal Carriages in 8 to 10 turns and activate the megaturn in 12 to 16 turns.  

While this basic strategy can be improved upon with other cards in specific kingdoms, any deviation from the basic strategy must be made with the idea of executing the megaturn in a fewer number of turns. Conventional support that normally make decks better can make a Royal Carriage Bridge deck worse. Skipping an early buy of Silver or Bridge to buy a strong trasher like Chapel, then spending a turn later to trash your hand and not gain a combo piece is seldom worth it. Buying any other $5+ card, even strong attacks like Witch, means you did not buy a Royal Carriage and that also costs you a turn.  

However, junking attacks and discard attacks played by your opponents can make it harder to reach 5 coins to buy Royal Carriage. Knights and other trashing attacks can trash Royal Carriages making it hard to accumulate enough. In this case, some trashing and cycling cards can help mitigate damaging attacks.

In spite of these potential concerns, Royal Carriage and Bridge is a strong strategy that should not be ignored.

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