Dominion Tournament in Ypsilanti, MI

U-Con will be holding their Eighth annual Dominion tournament this year on Saturday, November 10, 2018. This tournament features a respectable prize pool and has gathered a very talented field of players for several years, and the organizer has a way of coming up with particularly devious kingdoms to test players’ skill. Below is a message from the tournament organizer about the tournament. Any questions can be sent to him by E-mail at


This tournament is sanctioned by Rio Grande, and will be a qualifier for the World Masters, if there is one in 2019.  All players receive promotional cards!

The competition will feature custom-designed kingdoms drawn from all of the Dominion sets and expansions, and will emphasize strategy and high-level play.

Tournament seating is limited, so pre-register for the event here; just click on the ‘Add’ button and proceed through the checkout process.  You’ll need a tournament ticket and a convention badge.

If you can, I’d encourage everyone to pick out other games to play in and attend the whole game convention, which runs from Nov 9-11, all day (and late into the night Friday and Saturday).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For those who have attended in the past, note that this year the tournament has been moved to an outbuilding:  We will be on the upper floor of the resort’s golf clubhouse, and will have the area mostly to ourselves. You will need to pick up your tickets and badges first, at the con’s registration desk.

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1 Response to Dominion Tournament in Ypsilanti, MI

  1. adamhorton1 says:

    A personal note about this tournament — I’ve attended the tournament for the past five years and I want to say that this tournament is run so well that I think other IRL tournaments should be modeled after this. The organizer is excellent at ensuring that everything is done fairly and everyone has a lot of fun. Each year I make the several-hour drive to the frozen tundra of Michigan to play Dominion and hang out at the convention and I couldn’t recommend it more. Hope to see you all there!

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