Q&A kickoff and world national tournament

We’d like to start a new type of content here at the DS blog where we take questions from readers and give them to the community to get some answers. We’ll summarize them and post the answers here on the blog. Give us any Dominion-related question and we’ll answer them all to the best of our ability.

If you’d like for your question to be credited to you, you may provide your name. But if you’d rather stay anonymous, no worries; feel free to leave that field blank.

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Dominion World Masters at GenCon 2018

For the last several years, the publisher of Dominion, Rio Grande Games, has held a World Masters tournament at GenCon in Indianapolis. This year will be no exception, and the $1000 prize for the winner will remain for this year as well.

Most of the day on Thursday and Friday (August 2-3, 2018) there will be qualifying rounds in the RGG room in the Indianapolis Convention Center — they are free events that you can just walk into and play: if you fare well you could qualify for the later rounds of the tournament and make your way towards the largest prize competitive Dominion has to offer!

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