City Quarter

This article is a brief look into City Quarter from the Empires expansion. If you’d like a deeper dive into the card, check out this episode of Making Luck, a Dominion Podcast. If you like the podcast, feel free to check out this page for more information on the podcast, including links to iTunes, Google Play Music, and YouTube pages where you can listen; and forum links where you can interact with the creators of the podcast.


The effect of City Quarter has the potential to be extremely strong: +2 Actions, almost double your hand size. In the absence of discard attacks, you can play that card three times and you usually just draw your deck with lots of actions. Insane power. If you can build your deck so that you have almost exclusively Action cards in it, drawing your deck becomes very easy to do.

In reality, it’s not always that easy. You can also draw zero cards with your City Quarter, which feels really bad for a card you paid 8 debt to have. To justify its cost, the first City Quarter you play should be drawing you at least two cards consistently, which means that over half of your deck needs to be Action cards, plus you’d like to have a chance to have a City Quarter in your starting hand.

The most important thing you need to enable City Quarter is trashing. Trashing is important because it increases the percentage of Action cards in your deck, and it also increases the odds that you can find your City Quarters at the start of your turn. Most other cards can achieve this consistency by gaining a lot of copies of them and other Action cards, but this is more difficult with City Quarter because it is so expensive.

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2 Responses to City Quarter

  1. Titandrake says:

    Feel like this should say something about buying City Quarter early enough. Once you get going, the 2nd City Quarter is way stronger than the 1st City Quarter, so you want to have 2+ City Quarters by the time your deck has enough Actions in it, which usually means you have the buy the 1st City Quarter a bit *before* you have enough Actions in it. It’s kind of like Herald.

    • adamhorton1 says:

      Indeed there’s a lot more that could have been put into an article about City Quarter; the scope of this article was a lot like some of the shorter articles from earlier where the intent was to explain how and why the card is powerful with some broad strokes.

      If you want more details, perhaps you’d like to take a listen to the podcast episode that was linked?

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