DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 4 Signup

DominionStrategy US National Championships Qualifiers Signup

Qualifying Day 1: Sunday, June 24 at 2PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 2: Tuesday, June 26 at 8PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 3: Thursday, June 28 at 10PM EDT (GMT -4)
Qualifying Day 4: Saturday, June 30 at 11AM EDT (GMT-4)

You can read about the format here.  Each registrant will be placed in a 4-player pod and play four 4-player games with that pod.  The four top players of the day will advance to the next round.

Day 1 qualifiers: knaacku, Pirate Ship Economist, Cielo Azor, Personman
Day 2 qualifiers: toaster, zxcvbn2, allfail, WanderingWinder
Day 3 qualifiers:
Mic Qsenoch, jtl005, Richard, r0n1

This is registration only for the tournament on June 30th, 11AM EDT (GMT -4). Registration for the other Qualifying Days will take place one day in advance. You may register for as many Qualifying Days as you wish.

The Qualifying Day 4 tournament will be run by slightly different rules: you will be ranked on a points system.  For a four-player game:

6 points for the winner
4 points for second place
2 points for third place
0 points for fourth place

For a three-player game:

6 points for the winner
3 points for second place
0 points for third place

Ties will be broken in favor of most wins, then a playoff.

Signups close at 11:59 PM EDT on June 29.

As a reminder: this tournament is open only to those that live in the United States.

Signups are now closed.

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6 Responses to DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 4 Signup

  1. Richard says:

    Heads up: preemptively signing up. Pending results of the current qualifier, I may not need to play.

  2. Anonymous says:

    just noticed this on accident. When does the seating assignments get posted? I’ll probably lose horribly (my weaknesses are other people’s strengths), but got to try.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just found isotropic recently and would be very interested in participating. I just signed up, with username Mundane Mandate (I don’t have a dominionstrategy forum account). If I signed up, am I guaranteed to be a participant, or do longer members have a priority if there are too many people? Thanks.

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