DominionStrategy Qualifying Day 4 Pods

These are the groups for the third day of qualifiers.  Please meet in the Tournament lobby at 11AM EDT (GMT -4) on Isotropic.  You will play your group four times: the initial seating order should be in the order as listed below, and then subsequently rotate:


If you are playing three-player games, then the fourth game’s seating order will be determined by standard Dominion rules (person to the left of the previous winner starts).

Obi Wan Bonogi   SpaceSquirrel   Polk5440   airstream
inverseParanoid   Mazwa   mjgold   savethepikachus
dghunter79   warbaker   Kayo   Finn4
Captain_Frisk   HLennartz   limbsoup   hongrich
Stealth Tomato   samath   Charbal   schne166
ednever   wandering star   Salty   benji
perdhapley   Mundane Mandate   janic   GSDTheFlea
Kenuru   moomoo   bubblovat   Bella Cullen
Fading   notedloch   Stringer Bell LittleLionMan
Powerman   rspeer   apeboy   AndMyAxe!
hpjj   Young Nick   boneillhawk   Farb
yuma   yukonhorror   tjohnson314   pkbrooklyn

Games must be played with randomly selected cards, no veto mode, identical starting hands, and with the official point counter enabled unless all players agree otherwise.

Results must be posted in this forum topic.  Please include links to the Isotropic logs.

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