2018 Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Interview: derg17

254 players participated in the 2018 Dominion Online Championship.  Only 8 players are left, and we will posting interviews with each player this week before their match. 

Derg17 will be playing limetime Wednesday October 24 at 100am UTC (9 o’clock PM Eastern time Tuesday night); you can watch the live-stream of the match at twitch.tv/dominionstream.

This is derg17’s pregame interview.

Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do?

derg17: I can’t believe I’m here in the quarter finals! With so many excellent Dominion players who are worthy to be in this spot I’m very honored and lucky to be here. But to answer the question: I’m 33 years old and from central Illinois. I work with a Christian college ministry as a mentor and spiritual resource to students.

How did you start playing Dominion?

derg17: I was introduced to Dominion by some co-workers back in the summer of 2012. My love really took off when I found the online version. That was right when the first official online version was being launched.

What do you think was your toughest match in the tournament so far?

derg17: The match against Sicomatic. He is a very good player (obviously!). I knew I was the underdog going in and I definitely got at least a few big breaks to pull out the tight victory.

What are your favourite and least-favourite Dominion cards, and why?

derg17: Least favorite: Swindler – I see a fun board but then I see that Swindler is there which means my finely built deck will be destroyed. Ghost Ship – it just really is so painful to be forced to see those two cards again. Stables – especially with trashing! Nothing is quite so painful as a handful of stables and no treasure.

Most favorite: Ambassador – something about the ability to burry your opponent is fun to me. Scrying Pool – drawing all those actions! Menagerie – it’s been said before, nothing feels as good as an activated menagerie. Artificer – gain and play is fun and Artificer makes gain and play pretty easy.

What cards do you think are the most overrated?  What cards do you think are the most underrated?

derg17: Overrated: I think some duration cards like Ghost Town are overrated. Only being able to play them every other turn really hurts their value in my mind. I would often rather have regular village. I’m suspicious Den of sin falls into this category. I feel like I see people try to do too much with Vassal. Also, Taxman.

Underrated: Conquest. I’m probably totally wrong, but I’m convinced on many boards Conquest big money will beat lots of other stuff. I see people under value Advisor: You can’t just let your opponent get all of those guys. Also, I have a feeling that we miss Miser on slow boards. If a long game is necessary I bet we forget Miser becomes really good.

 What are your initial impressions of Renaissance, the newest Dominion expansion?

derg17: Mountain Village seems great. I expect Priest to be a blast when you can get it rolling, but I think that will be rare. Scholar is probably the one that seems the most fun of the ones I’ve seen. Discarding your hand is what draw to X always wanted!

What was the most memorable Dominion match you’ve ever played?

derg17: I always think of this match against vsiewnar back in season 19 of the league. It started with a Black Market/Museum game. That first game alone lasted almost 2 hours.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t playing Dominion?

derg17: I enjoy running, biking, reading, talking theology and philosophy, and hanging out with the wife. This past year I started working towards a Master of Divinity part time. That has dramatically cut back my Dominion time and taken all my non-Dominion time.

What advice do you have for Dominion players looking to get better?

derg17: Context makes all the difference in Dominion.  So I think there’s no substitute to watching the best players play and make all their decisions in context. My preferred medium for this is Youtube.

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