Combo video: Salt the Earth/Baths

 This video was made by RTT



Without any support, the “rush” strategy of Salt the Earth doesn’t do very well — Salting a Province with $4 and buying a Silver on $3 gets easily outscored by most other strategies before the game is over, but Baths changes things quite a bit. Salting a Province now nets 3 VP tokens instead of just one, so you can end the game around turn 11-12 with about 24 VP.

If you’ve never seen this before, you might find yourself losing to this strategy before you can make anything meaningful happen. This video goes into detail about how to play this combo and how to play against it. If properly contested, most strategies with any decent support should prevail against Salt the Earth/Baths.

Counterplay options include:

– Contesting Baths points, while using Salt the Earth to trash an Estate for extra VP tokens

– $3-$4 cost cards that allow for a quick Province or two


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1 Response to Combo video: Salt the Earth/Baths

  1. Rob says:

    Can you include images of cards that are the subject of a post, like this one, and for other cards mentioned, link to the card in the wiki for easy reference? I still don’t know all cards by name.

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