Beat the Bot #1

Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to play against a top player without the fear of being called a ‘n00b’? Geronimoo’s here for you in a recurring segment on the revived Dominion Strategy Blog: “Beat the Bot”. In it I present you a simulator bot painstakingly tuned and nurtured to perfection. Your goal is to beat that bot. It’s that simple.

All you need is my simulator which has a brand new feature of being able to play against it. Click these 2 links. You’ll need to do some copy-pasting, but then just click the “Play against the bot(s)” and you’re off. The interface is not pretty like Shuffle It’s, but it’s functional. At least you’ll feel like playing against something intelligent instead of Lord Rattington, merrily chapeling away his Provinces.

For this first installment I used only Base Dominion. Here’s the Kingdom used:
Screenshot-2017-10-9 Screenshot

Have fun and discuss here

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