Counterfeit Copies of Dominion 2nd Edition

Jay from Rio Grande Games released a statement that counterfeit copies of Dominion 2nd Edition are out there. Here is the complete statement:

We have recently learned that counterfeit copies of the game are being distributed via Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service.  We have purchased confirmed counterfeit copies of the game from the following third-party retailers on Amazon:

FastnBest LLC
Daily Deals Shop (NO TAX)
Tax Free Tech

Of course, more may show up and we will continue to monitor this situation. If you bought a counterfeit version of the Dominion 2nd edition game, we encourage you to return it to Amazon for a refund – and hope you will buy another from a reputable retailer. Of course, most sellers are selling legit games, including, of course, Amazon itself. For those who are uncertain if the game they bought is a counterfeit, there are two obvious differences. The counterfeit game has a VERY badly made plastic inlay with crumpled in the plastic and the artists names on the cards are not white, but tend toward orange and red. If your game has this, it is counterfeit.

Jay at Rio Grande Games

Donald X. also commented on the forum that he believes another way to tell legit copies from fakes is that the fakes are likely bendy.

Next week, will be the official start of Game Analysis. Please join us tomorrow for a special guest article and Friday for our first podcast.

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