Dominion Strategy is Back!

More content is coming to the DominionStrategy blog!

Quite a few years have passed since this blog started, and unfortunately, there has been a while without really any substantial posts or updates.  However, the DominionStrategy blog has come under new management and our new administrator, Beyond Awesome, is assembling a team of writers and Dominion experts to bring weekly content to the blog for new and veteran players alike.

Our tentative schedule is currently:

  • Mondays: Dominion 101 – a weekly column with advice geared toward new players, to help them get up to speed on Dominion strategy
  • Wednesdays: Game Analysis – we look at a particularly interesting game, and dissect it
  • Thursdays: Experts Corner – a weekly guest column where we invite a high-level Dominion player to share their experience with articles geared toward veteran players
  • Friday: The Outpost – A podcast hosted by Beyond Awesome and Seprix, discussing the latest Dominion news and strategy

Also, keep your eyes out for previews of the upcoming expansion Nocturne.

We hope you enjoy the new blog!

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7 Responses to Dominion Strategy is Back!

  1. Eric Knapp says:

    AWEsOME. I’ve missed this site.

  2. W00t! I’ve gotten away from the game of late (barely played the last 2 expansions), so it will be good to read some fresh info on the game. Will you also talk about differences between the original & second editions of the various boxes as they are put out? I know there’s a side product to upgrade the base & Intrigue games, but I’m hearing second edition of others are coming up so it would be good to know how those have changed. Thanks & welcome back!

    • There will be various articles discussing the cards in the 2nd editions. Only Base and Intrigue have second editions with new cards. The other expansions are only getting slight rewordings and bigger fonts for the cards. Most of these updated versions are already available at the stores.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait. I haven’t done much card research into the more recent expansions, and look forward to card descriptions and strategies guides.

  4. Meh says:

    Is isotropic also back?

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