Adventures Previews #5: Lost Arts, Borrow, Inheritance

This post is by Donald X. Vaccarino, previewing the new Dominion expansion: Dominion Adventures.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Adventures Preview subforum.  Stay tuned later today for a bonus preview!

Here at last are tokens. They are used some by non-Events too, but today, three more Events. I like to have all of the cards in one preview have the same orientation.


Lost Arts produces a +1 Action token, which modifies a pile so that those cards give you personally +1 Action. Each player has their own token. Say you put the token on Smithy; for you, Smithy is +1 Action +3 Cards, but for everyone else, it’s still +3 Cards (unless they also put their token on Smithy). For example. So uh there’s probably something good you can do with that. That Smithy example doesn’t sound half-bad. The token on Smithy affects all of the Smithies you have, and any Smithies you get later; it’s just a different card for you. It’s like a giant pile of Villages that are always there when you need them for a particular action, for a one-time payment of $6 and a Buy. You are probably wondering, is there also a +1 Buy token, a +1 Card token, a +$1 token? Yes, of course there are those too.

Borrow shows off a minus. There are just -1 Card and -$1; -1 Action and -1 Buy would be no fun. Borrow gives you an extra +$1 this turn, but you’ll draw one less card the next time you draw cards, that’s what that -1 Card thing is about. You get one less card the next time you’d draw any cards, any which way; for Borrow though that’s probably when you draw your next hand. So, four cards that turn instead of five, and well make sure it’s worth it. You don’t want an endless spiral of debt, where you Borrow turn after turn. -$1 meanwhile (not pictured – well neither one is pictured, but you know what I mean) just reduces how many coins you make by $1 the next time you make any. The minus tokens are used on a few cards each, sometimes to give to yourself and sometimes to make other players take them.

Inheritance is maybe the strangest thing in Adventures. Your Estates turn into another card. Again that’s Estates you already have, and any new ones you buy. You put the token on say a Village; now your Estates are cards that cost $2 and are worth 1 VP and are Action-Victory cards and can be played for +1 Card +2 Actions. It is a great feeling when you’re staring at your hand and it sucks and then you remember, oh yeah, these Estates are Villages, this hand is awesome. You actually set aside a card with the token, rather than just putting it on a pile, because Dominion has crazy stuff like the Knights from Dark Ages. Lost Arts can give all of the Knights +1 Action for you, but when your Inheritance is Sir Martins, your Estates are all Sir Martin, they aren’t any other Knights. And if that’s not clear, there’s a lengthy FAQ.

That’s it for previews, except for the other preview for today, if you haven’t seen that one yet. Go see it (if it’s not up yet this may take a while). Okay so. That’s it for previews. You’ve seen 20 cards out of 58; there are still 17 more kingdom cards, 14 more Events, 7 more things that Page and Peasant turn into, and 2 mysterious tokens. No doubt someone will post the rest of the set once people have it. We are expecting the set out April 18th and well someone will keep us posted if that changes.


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4 Responses to Adventures Previews #5: Lost Arts, Borrow, Inheritance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Inheritance is maybe the strangest thing in Dominion.

  2. punkernikel says:

    So estates become like a Great Hall or whatever with multiple types, so for Tribute purposes or anything that refers to card type it is both/all types, correct?

  3. duinhir says:

    and borrow the ugliest thing in dominion…

  4. Anonymous says:

    if you put your estate token on, say, familiar…

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