Adventures Previews #4: Expedition, Trade, Mission

This post is by Donald X. Vaccarino, previewing the new Dominion expansion: Dominion Adventures.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Adventures Preview subforum.  Stay tuned later today for a bonus preview — and by “later today” I mean right now!

Adventures has 30 Kingdom cards. It also has 20 Events. It’s high time we looked at some of those. Man, they’re sideways. See you on the other side.


An Event is something you can buy in your Buy phase that isn’t a card. You pay your $, you use up a Buy, and something happens. They don’t take up Kingdom card slots; you shuffle them into your randomizer deck, but when you deal out cards, keep going until you have 10 Kingdom cards. I recommend stopping at two Events, but it’s up to you.

Expedition is an example of a very simple Event. You get two more cards in your next hand. Maybe you’d rather have Silver; it’s hard to say, man I don’t even know you. Sometimes though I bet you’ll want the cards. So, to be clear here: with Expedition in the game, you can, in your Buy phase, pay $3 and use up a Buy, to make that thing happen, the extra 2 cards for your next hand. If you had $6 and 2 Buys, you could go on two Expeditions, and have 4 extra cards in your next hand. Or buy a Silver and one Expedition. And so on. Expedition itself just sits on the table with the kingdom cards, reminding you that you can do this this game.

Trade, still somewhat simple, has you turning one or two cards into Silvers. It costs $5, but well, trashing two cards and getting two Silvers, maybe that’s worth it. It only trashes from your hand, so you won’t be doing much Trading turn one.

Finally we have Mission, a trickier one. You get an extra turn, but, this seems like some kind of joke, you can’t buy cards on that turn. What good is it then? Well. There are things you can do. You can gain cards without buying them, such as with Remodels and Workshops. You can play Duration cards, setting them up for your next turn. You can get Reserve cards onto your mat. You can play Attacks, it can be that kind of Mission. You can trash cards; you can just be getting through your deck to get back to your good cards; you can turn that Hero into a Champion. And hey you can buy other Events, that’s not buying a card. That may seem weird – what do we call that rectangular object then – but you didn’t buy a card, you bought an Event, a thing that happened once and didn’t come with a card, and so that doesn’t trigger Swamp Hag and it’s not cheaper due to Bridge and so on. Event cards give you something to buy; that thing is not a card. There will be a rulebook and it will say stuff just like this.

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1 Response to Adventures Previews #4: Expedition, Trade, Mission

  1. jeremyhoff says:

    “Maybe you’d rather have Silver; it’s hard to say, man I don’t even know you.”
    Donald D’s writing always cracks me up!

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