Adventures Previews #3: Amulet, Swamp Hag, Hireling

This post is by Donald X. Vaccarino, previewing the new Dominion expansion: Dominion Adventures.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Adventures Preview subforum.  Stay tuned later today for a bonus preview — wait, nope, that already happened.

Those of you who have been wanting more Duration cards, here they are at last. There was lots left to do with them, and I could get in some nice simple cards this way, and well people wanted them. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are simply cards that do something on future turns. They stay in play until they are done doing everything they have to do; that’s the only tricky part.

Amulet is a basic Duration card. It gives you a choice on both turns, that’s its special thing. Amulet is super-flexible; it gets rid of garbage, provides money for the same turn, and gets Silvers for later.

Swamp Hag showcases a type of Attack made possible by Duration cards. It makes the other players have worse turns. In this case, anything they buy will be cursed. Two Swamp Hags? Two Curses. It can be grim in multiplayer. They can just choose not to buy anything in order to dodge the Curses and well you will be happy with that too. Try to avoid playing Swamp Hag and Outpost in the same turn; that Swamp Hag doesn’t end up Cursing anyone.

Hireling is a Duration card that lasts forever. You put it out, and then that’s that, you have an extra card on every turn for the rest of the game. That seems good. They’re cumulative of course; with three of them out, you’ll get three extra cards each turn. You get the card at the start of your turn, rather than when drawing your hand, which means it doesn’t suck vs. Militias. $6 may seem cheap for this ability and well there’s playtesting, you know, the costs aren’t just random.


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1 Response to Adventures Previews #3: Amulet, Swamp Hag, Hireling

  1. Joe says:

    How does Moat (or another Attack reaction card) work with this? I would assume that you play the Moat when Swamp Hag is played, and then you’re unaffected by it on your turn, right?

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