Adventures Previews #1: Lost City, Magpie, Hero

This post is by Donald X. Vaccarino, previewing the new Dominion expansion: Dominion Adventures.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Adventures Preview subforum.  Stay tuned later today for a bonus preview!

It’s a new Dominion expansion! Some of you knew it was inevitable; some of you hoped it would happen; some of you were glad it wasn’t going to. It’s happening though, I am so sure of it that I am previewing cards from it.

Adventures has a ton of cards, so I am previewing three a day. Each day but today the cards will fit a theme, showing off a different functional aspect of the set – Reserve, Duration, Events, tokens. That leaves today to show off some cards that don’t fit those themes.


I like to lead with a simple card, to prove that the set has some. Lost City is a vanilla card on top, that makes the other players draw a card when you get one. You really don’t want them to have that good turn, but then you may really want some Lost Cities.

Recent studies show that magpies do not especially collect shiny objects. These are folklore magpies though, which still do. Magpie might find you a treasure, or perhaps just reveal another Magpie. Over time a single Magpie can turn into a whole flock of them. There are just ten Magpies in the pile; they’re not Rats with wings.

Finally we have Hero. This one is somewhat enigmatic. The top is straightforward, you get +$2 and gain a Treasure, any Treasure in the game. Usually Gold but you never know, could be Platinum or something more exotic. And then when you discard it from play, you can exchange it for a Champion. And wait, this isn’t in the Supply. How do you get one? Well I’ll tell you. You just need to discard a Warrior from play; then you can exchange the Warrior for a Hero. Warrior isn’t in the Supply either though – you get one by exchanging a Treasure Hunter for it. I suppose it’s obvious that you get a Treasure Hunter by exchanging a Page for it. But that’s it, that’s all the turtles there are; you buy a Page, and it turns into a Treasure Hunter, then a Warrior, then a Hero, then a Champion. Page costs $2, so the actual cost of Hero is, $2, plus playing those other cards once each. I somehow fit two of these cycles into Adventures – there’s also a Peasant who becomes a Soldier, but then a Fugitive, but then a Disciple, and finally a Teacher. It’s two little life stories, played out in cards that gradually get better for you. What exactly the other cards do will remain a mystery until the set is out; there is just too much to preview.

But wait, there’s more! is also going to have a preview each day this week – single card previews, a different previewer each time. The set has 58 uh things; even at 4 a day, it will be below average for what % of it was previewed. No doubt these other previews will be crossposted here, just as these are crossposted there. I am mentioning them here anyway.

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11 Responses to Adventures Previews #1: Lost City, Magpie, Hero

  1. When will these be on isotropic?

  2. Anonymous says:

    New cards look awesome.

    Side note: would pay for isotropic.

  3. Zedsdead says:

    Magpie question: If you reveal a Harem, you add it to your hand AND gain a Magpie, correct?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I stopped playing when isotropic shut down and the god awful Dominion site took over (horrible interface, give me text only interface of isotropic anyday). I was in a board game shop recently and saw the new expansion and was intrigued. Then I activated an account on Dominion Online and find that the new expansion is not even there yet? wtf? I would pay for isotropic if I could

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